The history of the BottleKeeper is based on a true story of two dudes sitting around complaining about their warm beers. The goal of keeping a beer cold and the bottle intact was the goal and the BottleKeeper was born.

Myself? I love ice cold beer. In fact, I am notorious for dumping out the last third of a beer because it is warm. I know, that’s alcohol abuse. On the lake, in the boat or by the pool an icy cold brew helps me to survive the desert heat in Idaho.

With temperatures consistently over 100 and as high as 110+ degrees in the summer, a beer has no chance to stay cool for longer than 15 minutes. In addition, if we are following our CC&R’s, we aren’t allowed to have glass poolside. If you can name a good beer in a can, I will buy you a round… I have yet to find it.

The BottleKeeper is available in three sizes for your beer style: The Standard (12oz), The Stubby (12oz) and The Bomber(22oz). In those three styles, you can choose from 17 different colors and finishes. Talk about personalization!

The Standard 2.0

The BottleKeeper Standard is what we have been diligently testing. The BottleKeeper is constructed using powder coated stainless steel and insulated with neoprene. This aids in temperature control and adds padding in case of impact. The screw lid for the BottleKeeper ensures that your inner bottle is sealed when it is screwed into place. The lid is also tethered to the bottle to guarantee you don’t misplace it.

This also means that you won’t have any bugs join the party. Few things are more disgusting to me then bugs in my drinks. No, they are not added protein. Pair the BottleKeeper with the Raduis from Thermacell and you’ll have NO bugs!

A bottle opener is integrated into the lid as well. YES! No more opening it with rings, a rock or by slamming it on the corner of the dock. I always remember the beer…just not the opener for it and this saves me from disappointment and comments from my friends.

Good People, Great Products

What I love about the BottleKeeper is the simple design from people who really care about the issue at hand. Nevermind the cheeky copy on the website and the fun they have with the product, the owners really do care about making a great product for you and me. That says a lot about the quality of the BottleKeeper and I am all for supporting companies who have their clients best interest in mind.

The BottleKeeper can be found on their website or on The BottleKeeper retails from $34.99-$39.99 and are available in pack specials. At the time of printing you can get 10% off by joining their mailing list and free shipping!


BottleKeeper Headquarters

The BottleKeeeper Guarantee:

“…we’re confident in BottleKeeper and its other-worldly capabilities, so we’re going to do that — guarantee it. If you have a change of heart and decide that you prefer warm beer or are not happy with your BottleKeeper purchase, for any reason, you can return your order for a full refund. Heck, we’ll even pay for the return shipping because that’s just how we roll!”

Not All Bottles Are Created Equal

Due to the various sizes and styles of beer bottles, some just don’t fit well within the BottleKeeper. Fortunately, you can check out a comprehensive list to see if your preferred brand will fit. I love that Root beer bottle will fit so the kids can enjoy a nice cold drink as well. Find the link to the list HERE.

We recommend the BottleKeeper for your water lover, Fraternity Brother, Festival Goer and all those who are fun, beer loving friends. Please drink responsibly and enjoy!

Safe Travels!