Bonobo Highland: Comfortable Travel Pants

Bonobo Highland: Comfortable Travel Pants | Practical Travel Gear 8

Comfortable pants are an essential part of traveling. Sometimes good ol’ fashioned sweatpants can do the job but ideally you want to have a pair of pants that are both comfortable AND fashionable. We have reviewed a vast array of travel pants. These pants range from anti-pickpocketing to hiking, but one type of pant we have never covered is the modern golf pant.


The Highland Golf Pant by Bonobo:

I had the pleasure of wearing the Highland Golf Pant from Bonobos during a business trip last week. Not being a golfer I was pleasantly surprised about how well these pants fit, especially above the thighs. Bonobos can make anyone’s backside look fantastic. This is mostly due to the fact that Bonobos’ founders developed their company in 2007 around tailoring that prevented the “khaki diaper” look. With 9 years to improve upon their initial dress pant concept, Bonobos lives up to the “Best Men’s Pants” title they received from New York Magazine in 2009.

Yes, I love the way the Highland pants fit, but here are the other things I really like about them:

The Front of the Bonobo Highland Pant

A Traveler’s Dream in Pant Form: The Bonobo Highland Pant

The technical fabric, a breathable polyester, combines a classic look with both durability and comfort, and man . . . are they ever comfortable.

Inside Slip Band

The Rubberized Band Keeps Shirts Tucked In.

The Bonobo Highland’s waistband has a shirt-grip insert that helps maintain a crisp, professional look even when you are on the move. I am guessing that these were placed on these pants so that shirts would stay tucked swing after swing. However, I found this feature to be a major plus for its ability to keep my shirt tucked when I got up and down during long flights. I never found myself trying to adjust my shirt after a trip to the bathroom or after getting into the overhead compartment.

Snap Button

The Front Snap is a Nice Feature

The simple snap button allows for the pants to lay flatter on the waist than traditional buttonholed buttons. I have always been a fan of the snap button, both for shirts and pants, and this is a very well crafted snap that offers a tremendous amount of hold (so you are never in it might pop open at an inopportune moment).

Both the front and back pockets are sleek and well placed on the pant, yet are very roomy on the inside. I did notice that the fabric tended to hug my phone while it was in my front pocket, but this was not something that bothered me all that much.

Back of the Highlands

These things make your caboose look fantastic!

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post; comfortable traveling pants are an absolute must. For my money it does not get much better than the Bonobos Highland for a professional looking yet surprisingly comfortable pair of travel pants. While I am not a golfer, so their originally intended purpose is lost on me, the Highland pants would be great for trekking around a new city, going on a hike, or even worn out for a night on the town. Priced at $108.00 on these pants are not inexpensive but far from the cost of other similar types of trousers. Bonobo Highland Pants come in both slim and straight fit, waists from 28 to 40, lengths 30 to 36, and are offered in variety of colors and patterns.

Even if the Highlands are not your cup of tea I suggest you check out what Bonobos has to offer. Their casual wear, dress shirts, and sweaters some serious class and I am hoping to be able to write more about their line later this year.

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