This year my amazing wife let me buy a new fat tire e-bike for some winter mountain biking. With the snow starting to fly I am dying to get out riding but my 8-year-old mountain bike helmet just isn’t cutting it.  I have been looking for a new helmet that works in the summer but can also work for winter rides.  Lucky me, Bollé sent me their new TrackDown MIPS helmet to try out.  Read on for my full review but let me tell you if you are looking for the best all-around mountain bike helmet available today you have to check out the TrackDown.
mountain bike helmetAnyone who has read this site long enough knows that I am far from a competitive rider and while I want a light helmet I don’t like most of the ULTRA lightweight gear.  Frankly, I don’t think it holds up well enough in the long run and has lots of places to shave weight that don’t involve carbon fiber….  Coming in at 390 grams the TrackDown fits right in the sweet spot of lightweight but ultra-durable.  And with the incredible MIPS protection system, the TrackDown is the best protection you can have short of a full-face downhill helmet.
Having tried on dozens of helmets while shopping for my new bike I can recommend the Trackdown MIPS for a few key reasons.  First, it’s comfortable the 360-degree retention system makes for a nice snug fit that stays out of the way.  I also liked how it feels like it has a bit more protection than most other helmets I tried.  Second, the MIPS system is an absolute must if you want to protect your head and neck from rotational impacts.  Third, the venting and convenient sunglass garage keep the air flowing in the summer, and with the removable vent covers it’s perfect for fall and winter riding.   Finally, the TracDown is a great looking helmet, it doesn’t try to hard to look like something a fighter pilot would wear and it’s not a trendy skateboard looking helmet. Instead, it is simply a great looking way to keep your head safe and cool (or warm if you want)


“MIPS is a revolutionary technology that lets the helmet slide relative to the head, adding more protection against rotational motion to the brain caused by angled impacts. Because keeping you safe in every condition is our priority, the TRACKDOWN helmet is the first Bollé helmet equipped with MIPS technology.” *Text and images from

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Winter Riding Performance
I took my new fat tire bike (review to come) and  Trackdown helmet on their inaugural snow ride just this weekend up in McCall, ID.  I was expecting some cold weather but nothing like what hit on Sunday morning.  With crystal clear skies our ride started out great and I was stripping layers down quickly.  However, on the way back the wind kicked up and I can only guess what the wind chill was.  I stopped long enough to pop in the vent plugs and pull on a thin cap along with another layer.  My buddy was freezing but I felt great and I have to say he was really jealous of my Trackdown.
Bottom Line
If you are looking for a great all-season mountain bike helmet that looks great that has the best brain-protection available I HIGHLY recommend the Bolle Trackdown.

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