Frequent travelers, especially those with carry-on bags, know that it can be tough to keep clothes free of wrinkles and looking fresh when traveling long distances.

I was quite intrigued when I saw the Bluffworks Gramercy Blazer because it looked both stylish and high-quality, and I wanted to test it out on a trip to Hong Kong before Christmas.

The jacket comes in both traditional and slim fit sizes, and I really liked that it was not baggy or bulky the way some jackets can be. The grey jacket works well with everything from khakis to jeans, and it works well for those with limited space in their bags because of its excellent utility.

The fabric is quite breathable, which for me is imperative given the way that some places overseas do not use the same type of air conditioning we use in the U.S.

This means that it can get quite warm especially if you are rushing between gates in the airport. Unlike wool or some types of cotton, this jacket does not retain heat as much meaning it is comfortable for both indoor and outdoor wear.

It is quite light and is also machine-washable. When I encounter over zealous gate or security agents that say a normal-size carry-on bag is too big or heavy, I appreciate clothes with plenty of pockets.

This jacket has 10 of them, and you can stuff items like keys, passports, coins, camera, mobile devices, and other items into your jacket to avoid getting pulled aside. I really loved how this jacket stays free of wrinkles and the lack of worry I had for it being stuffed in my bag when not wearing it.

It can be tough to find durable, lightweight blazers that work for a multiple of occasions, but the Bluffworks Gramercy blazer was just right. It retails on the Bluffworks website for $295, and the company has a variety of colors and designs for different jackets.

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