According to Bluffworks, this sleek pair of flat-front Gramercy pants is the brand’s most popular. I can see why. They are simple, they are comfortable, and they go with everything. That is especially important to me as a business traveler that travels with only a carry-on bag.

The pants come in a variety of colors from navy to grey and look great with a blazer or simply a dress shirt. They come in either a regular or tailored fit, which has a sleeker pant leg that is more European and more tailored waist that is almost slimming. The button front is comfortable, and I prefer the zipper front since it is easier to use than a buttoned fly.

I found the sizing to be rather accurate (sometimes it can feel tight in places. The brand seems to size true to fit with roomy pockets that do not appear to bulky assuring a flat front. Crafted from a breathable polyester, they are not too warm, which is a problem I find with some cotton or wool pants.

The material is also quick to dry, which is important if you find yourself walking to work in the elements. They are moisture wicking, which keeps them from staying too humid with any moisture. The pants are wrinkle-free with no need to iron them, and they are machine washable. You can hang to dry, which makes them ideal for travel. Another perk is that they are lightweight and do not take up much room in your luggage.

Bluffworks Gramercy PantsThey work great with a casual golf shirt for an evening out to dinner or with a button-down shirt like the Meridian Dress Shirt 2.0. Whether you choose to wear it with a tie and blazer or simply alone with pants, the look is stylish yet classic. I really like the tailored look of the shirt and the way it tucks into the pants without appearing bulky. It comes in a variety of color patterns like grey checked or blue checked.

Like the pants, the shirt does not wrinkle and is machine washable. It is known for not wrinkling and for traveling well. I wore it on a couple of long-haul flights and was impressed with how it did not make me too hot and also looked good on arrival. The same went for the pants, which can often wrinkle in the lap when you have been sitting for long periods of time. You can wear both multiple times, and they still look in great condition.

I found that I could fold it carefully and secure it in place well in my carry-on bag. Even if I have been on the go for awhile, it still looks quite good when I pull it out of my suitcase. It was just as easy to hop in a shower while in the airport lounge and quickly swap out my travel clothes with this from my bag before heading into a meeting. I noticed that the shirt was just as breathable as the pants, which for me is especially important when traveling overseas since many office buildings and public areas do not use much air conditioning like we do in the United States.

These impressive travel pants retail for $140 on the Bluffworks website and make a great gift especially when the company is putting some of its classic attire on sale. The shirt sells for $85, which reflects its high quality and durability, which is exactly what you want from travel clothes that you often put through the test. Bluffworks does not disappoint when it comes to color options and overall quality.

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