The hard-shell, four-wheel spinner carry-on Bluesmart One bag is a head turner and all-in-one travel accessory. It is sleek and stylish, and I love that I can stuff it full without it bulging at the sides and catching the eye of nosy gate agents that want to check it even though it still fits without taking up too much space in the overhead bin.

Bluesmart One - Smart Luggage
  • Battery with 2 USB charging ports can charge your devices up to six times over.
  • 3G + GPS tracking lets you locate your suitcase anywhere the world.
  • Built-in scale in the suitcase’s handle allows you to weigh it through the app.
  • Remote digital lock means you can lock/unlock the suitcase using your phone.
  • Water-resistant polycarbonate exterior designed to withstand extensive travel.

The polycarbonate shell is waterproof, which is important because one of the best features of this bag is the side compartment for a 15-inch laptop or tablet. This makes it super easy to grab a laptop in a hurry, like when passing through security.

It comes with two USB power ports directly in the bag and an FAA-approved battery to charge devices.

While the bag weighs just over nine pounds empty, it is worth it for the hefty protection that it provides for your contents. One of the primary features of the bag is that it has Bluetooth capability that links with an app on your phone.

This means that you can always locate your bag thanks to GPD tracking if you did decide to check it. The app also permits you to check the weight of your bag so that you don’t get charged extra when checking in for a flight.

There is also a remote lock feature, which can really come in handy if you don’t always have access to your bag or it is in an overhead compartment out of view.

The Bluesmart One bag only comes in one color at the moment: all black with cool blue accent hues on the wheels.

The four wheels are quite sturdy, and the manufacturer says that its lower center of gravity helps it to roll more smoothly. I would agree as I am often rolling my bag across cobblestoned streets in Europe or on drag-inducing airport carpet.

The Bluesmart One carry-on bag retails for $449 and comes with a two-year warranty.

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