I pack earplugs on my trips for a few reasons: to help me attempt to sleep on flights, and in case my hotel room isn’t quiet enough for me to sleep. Note that the key linking those reasons is sleep. I love it. Getting enough is important to me. And I’m crabby when I don’t get enough.


Those gigantic foam bullets that airlines hand out in first-class kits and that are ubiquitous nearly every place that sells earplugs are constantly falling out of my ears. In search of a better-fitting pair, I decided to try Loop Earplugs.


There are a few versions: Engage, Experience, Quiet (the earplugs I use), and Switch—which has the convenience of all three of the previous versions, controlled by a switch. Engage offers up to 16 decibels (db) of noise reduction, and you want them when you’re at noisy social gatherings when you still want to hear conversation. Experience offers up to 18 db of noise reduction, and you want them when you’re trying to focus or attending events (including concerts) when you still want sound clarity and quality. Quiet offers up to 26 db of noise reduction, and you want them when you’re truly trying to block sound.


Rather than blocking sound, both Engage and Experience earplugs are designed with an acoustic channel and a filter, so you can still enjoy the sounds you want at a reduced level.


Loop Earplugs come with four interchangeable ear tip sizes (XS, S, M, L), and fit without all that extra foam sticking out. The tips are reusable and easy to clean. The earplugs come in a carrying case that you can attach to your keychain so you don’t lose it in your bag.


All styles of Loop Earplugs come in a variety of colors, from white or black to blue, lavender, green, or pink. There are even metallic versions. Quiet lists for $24.95, Engage and Experience list for $34.95, and Switch lists for $59.95. All are available on the Loop Earplugs site.

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