This unique laptop bag is a head-turner; it’s a laptop turner too, since the laptop is actually stored vertically. The all black Bombata Briefcase, named the Taormina, is designed by Fabio Guidoni and comes with a shoulder strap for that that prefer not to carry it by hand. It unfolds in half, which means it provides extra protection for your laptop while also offering numerous pouches and pockets for small items like business cards, keys, coins, pens, and paperwork.

Redesigned since it was originally introduced, the handle has been reinforced and become more stylish with a steel accent bar. The padding has also been updated to provide stronger protection of the bag’s contents. It comes in various colors and sizes, and there’s an interior Velcro strap that keeps the laptop in place.

The logo and name is very subtle on the outside of the bag, which I appreciate it. Also, this can double as a laptop case itself. I have used it to store my laptop in my larger carry-on bag, which keeps it protected. For those having to deal with the new security requirements from certain overseas destinations to the U.S. that require putting laptops in checked luggage, this could be a great way to give your electronics one more layer of safety.

The exterior of the case is quite durable, and I imagine that it helps to buffer any pressure if the bag is dropped or banged around. Using the Velcro strap, I don’t see why you couldn’t use this bag to protect iPads and tablets well.

The bag, made from Vinyl and silicone in the handles, is unisex and retails on the Bombata website for just under $60. It actually looks and feels like the exterior of the case is made from leather, which is always nice.

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