Camping with kids, the tents, sleeping bags, cooking, water, etc. is a daunting task. A task so large it often causes many to NOT take their kids camping. We want to make the basics easier.

So, what is the best tent for 2018? Most family friendly sleeping bags? We’ve got you covered!

Wenzel Moose 40 Sleeping Bag

Weighing in at a mere 3 lbs the Wenzel Moose 40 sleeping bag is a perfect beginner bag for your youngest camper. The Wenzel Moose 40 is sure to keep your children warm with their quilted Insul-Therm™ construction. All fabrics used to make the Moose 40 are non-allergenic.

Wenzel - Moose Boys 40-Degree Sleeping Bag
  • Comfortable.
  • Breathable Fabrics.
  • Soft Polyester Insulation.
  • Full-Length Zipper.
  • 3lb 2oz Carry Weight.

Sleeping BagThe Moose 40 sleeping bag has a friendly pattern and large full length zippers that allow for even the hottest of sleepers to ventilate for a great night’s sleep.

The self-repairing coil zippers and ripstop stuff sack are hardy enough to survive any child. If that isn’t enough, it can be completely unzipped and used as a blanket.

Sized to allow for years of use as your little ones grow. At the price of $24.99 this is one bag you can’t pass up.

Slumberjack Go-N-Grow Boys 30 Sleeping Bag

Investing in quality camping gear is often difficult for some families. Knowing your kids will grow out of it in one or two seasons can have you heading for the cheaper options. Slumberjack has proven cheaper doesn’t always mean lower quality.

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The Go-N-Grow 30 Sleeping bag is made of a strong polyester taffeta that is sewn together in a two-layer, off-set construction that prevents cold spots. A draft tube along the zipper line also prevents heat loss. As your little ones begin to grow into bigger kids, the foot section can ‘grow’ by 10 inches!

I climbed into the sleeping bag to check out the warmth and fell in love with the built in pillow pocket. If your children thrash and roll like mine, this pocket and the interior chest pocket keeps all possessions close.Slumberjack

Like the Wenzel Moose 40, the Slumberjack Go-N-Grow comes with a durable stuff sack. The Go-N-Grow has added shoulder straps to help the littlest carry their own bag. Win for you, the parent!

Now, what is the best tent to sleep in with these?


Slumberjack Daybreak 6-Person Tent

Designed for the rugged outdoors, the Daybreak 6 person tent is considered one of the best investments you can make. We fully award it with our prestigious “Best Tent” award for families.

This is a generous 6 person tent. Quickly allowing for 4 sleeping bags, 2 Tepui gear bags and a 80 pound Shepard. Comprised of a thick polyester shell, it has a tear-resistant insect mesh roof that allows you to stargaze without the pests. The front door is a large flap that can be tethered or left opened. This makes for a very inviting entrance to your tent. sleeping bag

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Color coded pockets inside allow you to organize your belongings during your camping experience. Steel stakes will ensure your tent stays put, even in the worst weather.

Various sizes include a 2, 3 and 4 person tent. Weighing only 15 lbs, it can easily be packed in or takes up minimal space in a packed car.

The products from Slumberjack and Wenzel are solid. We are happy to include them in our family adventures and look forward to many years with them.

Items can be found on Wenzel, Slumberjack or Amazon website.