Recently we traveled to the Aulani Disney Resort and Spa for a family vacation. On our trip, I brought along the Acorn Artwalk Leather Flip Flop because I figured the sand and amount of walking we would be doing were one of the greatest tests I could do on these sandals.

Acorn Artwalk Leather Flip Women's Sandal
  • Timeless 100% Premium Leather Thongs.
  • One Of A Kind Colorful Custom Embroidery Design.
  • Medial Gore For Fit And Comfort.
  • Cushioned And Shock Absorbing EVA Footbed.
  • Artsy Embroidery In An Array Of Colors.

Skeptical of how they would hold up because they are so lightweight, I also brought along my beloved and go-to flip flops from Old Navy.

Best Pool Deck Flip Flops

Cut to the first day, it is wet, windy and sandy in Ohau. We ventured out to explore the property in the rain and I wore the Acorn Artwalk Leather Flip Flop. They held up great on the flagstone walkways and walking path by the beach.

I didn’t realize how nicely they gripped the path below me until I wore the good old flip flops the next day to the pool.

I was slipping everywhere on the pool deck, to the point it was easier and safer to walk bare footed than to have those flip flops on. Later that day I put my Leatherwalk Flip Flops back on and easily kept up with my family as we played at the pool, walked to the store and explored the other hotel properties.

The sole has a soft tread of the bottom that easily navigated through the stand water puddles and a beautiful dark leather top that didn’t make my feet feel sweaty or smell after a long day.

The fabric top on the shoe was also soft, making it easier to walk a couple miles in them. The southwest fabric is also very fun and vibrant. I had a lot of fun pairing outfits to the pattern.

7 days later and the shoes still look new. The lightweight construction allowed this shoe to be my go to on the trip without sacrificing comfort and durability. I normally wear a 7.5 and had a size 8 sent to me. The shoe fit great!

Acorn Travel Slippers

On the flight home, I finally unveiled the Acorn Pack & Go Moc slippers. These are also very lightweight and have nice cushioning on the inside in case you need to get up and use the restroom or hunt down a flight attendant for another glass of the Cab.

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These slippers roll up into a little ball and come in their own mesh drawstring bag. The sizing on the Acorn Pack & Go runs small. I would most definitely size up when you order these. Especially with the swelling your extremities can experience when traveling.

On the long flight home, they kept my feet warm without causing them to become sweaty and it was nice to be able to get up and walk to aisle of the plane without having to put my shoes back on.

Now, before you get grossed out, they are machine washable! Thank the good lord!

At the time of publishing the Acorn Pack & Go are $38.00. At this price point they would make a great birthday, bridal shower or baby shower gift. They ended up at the bottom of my bag, crushed under a family of four’s needs for 7 days and kept their shape.

Slipper Socks

In addition to the Artwalk Flip Flip and the Pack & Go Moc slippers, Acorn also provided a sample of their Slouch Boot Slipper Sock. While this would have been too warm for our adventure to Oahu, they work perfect in the cold, wet and snowy weather the Pacific Northwest provides.

Whether sipping on coffee in the morning, wine in the evening or even bring in the trash cans, these slipper socks will ensure your foot and calf are warm and protected from the elements.

ACORN Men's Maine Sock Slipper
  • Genuine Suede Sole.
  • Durable Leather Sidewall.
  • Premium, Multilayer Cloud Cushion Footbed.

I would highly recommend them for your camping trips and s’more making adventures. Their designs are fantastic as well and would complement any fireside chat. I personally love their Maine Woods Jacquard and Ragg White and Blue Wool prints. Both of which are unisex styles.

You can find Acorn Slipper Socks and Shoes on their easy to navigate website or have my favorite man, Mr. Amazon delivery them to your door. Stay warm my friends!

Acorn Artwalk Flip Flops

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