Beach, Please with Costa Sunglasses

Who doesn’t love time on the water, toes dug deep in the sand and the warmth on your back? Summer days like these require great eye protection so you can keep playing and enjoying the day. Costa Sunglasses has developed a beach lifestyle line and we immediately jumped at the opportunity to test them out.

Cheeca Sunglasses

Named after the recreational destination in the Florida Keys, the Cheeca frames are built for life on the beach. The Cheeca is a small, woman specific frame constructed from bio-resin nylon, the Cheeca’s are incredibly lightweight.

I have the Blue Mirror frames because we are out on the water almost every day in the summer. All lenses in the Cheeca line are polarized and scratch resistant. They use 580G lightweight glass for the lens which allows for amazing performance and are 22% lighter. All lenses can be customized and are prescription ready.

Cheeca and Me

Smaller Frame

In the past, we have trialed Costa sunglasses and found the frames to fit a little large. The frames on the Costa Cheeca are perfect for a smaller head. The grip pads at the nose bridge and ears are comfortable and do not pull at my hair when I put them on or take them off.

The matte tortoise shell is really pretty in person. I like the matte look because it feel and looks timeless. A little cat eye to the outer edges of the frames give the Cheeca sunglasses some attitude.

Our new(er) puppy recently got into my favorite glasses and destroyed them. I was so upset because it took me a long time to find a pair of sunglasses that work for the water, land and fit well. All those woes were cured with the Cheeca sunglasses. They are very carefully placed in the carrying case at the end of the day now to protect them. Anyone need a dog? Just kidding.

Overall, these are a fun pair of sunglasses and are well worth the price. At the time of posting, the Cheeca retail for $259 and Costa is running a promotion of free shipping with any purchase over $199. Be sure to order the lenses that fit your lifestyle. There is a great chart on the Costa website to help you out if you are unsure. You can find the Cheeca and other fine and fantastic sunglasses on the Costa website.

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Safe Travels! 

Leah Guill

Leah specializes in women's outdoor sports as well as our new yoga and SUP focused sections. Her favorite travel accessory are the ones who can pack a punch, do double duty and make traveling with kids easier on everyone! She lives in Idaho with her husband and two sons.

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