Ballistic Explorer case for iPhone 6

Ballistic Explorer case for iPhone 6

The sinking feeling that comes when you drop your phone can be avoided with a heavy-duty case. The Ballistic Explorer case for iPhone 6 does just that. In fact, the manufacturer has drop tested the phone from eight feet high. The rubbery exterior shields the frame and face of the phone meaning it is safe from shattering the front or damaging the internal part of the phone.

Many iPhone covers are especially bulky (perhaps why some people are averse to using them). The Mophie case, for example, is both bulky and heavy albeit that is because it is also a charging device. The corners of the Ballistic case are specially designed to take the brunt of the fall, but it is the air gap corners between the interior of the case and the phone. These help to add to the cushioning for the actual phone if it is dropped. Often when a phone falls, it impacts the ground on its side or corner rather than perfectly flat.

Also included in the case is a built-in screen protector, and the raised side lips of the case help to keep the screen from scratches when placed face down. The rubbery case does create light friction when retrieving the phone from your pocket, but on the other hand, this could keep it from easily slipping out, too.

The slim iPhone case has all of the expected features like a large cut out for the camera lens and openings on the side and top for cell phone buttons and features.

The lightweight, durable Ballistic Explorer case is available on Amazon for about $40 and comes in either all black or black and white combinations. It would be interesting to see some more colorful designs and patterns, but nothing can change the toughness of this case’s protection power.