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As a frequent business traveler, I must tell you that shaving every day gets to me. If I am not meeting with a client or work colleague, I simply prefer to go “au naturel” and save my skin the torture of hacking it with a razor. Typically, I cross oceans more than twice a week, and it can feel good on my face to leave it alone for awhile. Moisturizer is always important to me, but if I am meeting with work colleagues on a regular basis, shaving is a must. That is why I was especially eager to try out the Badass Beard Care Trial Kit.

First of all, it came with a variety of intriguing scents that caught my eye. These include The Original (Sandalwood and Vanilla), The Ladies Man (Lemon and Vanilla), The Outlaw (Sweet Tobacco, Vanilla, and Black Pepper), and The Pirate (Bay Leaf, Orange, Lime, and Clove).

It’s time to grow out a beard, y’all! The different beard creams, oils, balms, and aftershaves in this kit make it easy and hassle-free, in my opinion. There are different beard waxes, creams, and oils that are on the market; who knew?!

An Iraq War veteran started this business years ago, and as someone that tries to avoid shaving on days when I am going to be in warm locals, I think this guy is someone to listen to. No matter what your personal preference, the company offers a free trial kit for those interested in sampling its products. That’s what initially drew my attention despite having to pay the modest fee for shipping and handling.

The trial kit delivers four oils, each with its own unique scent for you to try. A unique inclusion is what looks like a guitar pick, which can double as a way to remove any cream from tight surfaces such as underneath fingernails or between cracks in the packaging.

I was able to sample numerous scents, and all of them appealed to me much in the same way that an eau de cologne is enjoyable in its scent. Each will appear to a different personality; some have scents of peppermint or wood while others are fruitier in nature.

Let’s get back to how this feels on your skin. I should be honest that beards make me warm and I try to not grow a full one. Still, for the sake of this review, I wanted to try it. I found the texture of this cream to be soft without any residue. To be fair, I toned down the amount that I was using because I did not want to fee like I was heating myself up for any reason.

As you might know, most foreign airports, shopping malls, and public spaces adhere to a more liberal air conditioning policy. That means Americans will be hot (and sweaty). This is the primary reason why I try to avoid having a beard or shaving completely when passing through a foreign airport. Otherwise, it is completely uncomfortable.

This product deserves attention for having its base in something eco-friendly, which means it is produced without irritating, dangerous, toxic chemicals. If you are wondering what led to so many varietals from this basis, it’s the essential oils that the founders began to add to create so many different scents and styles. You’ll notice it immediately with so many natural options to choose from to keep you smelling great.

Looking for a sample or to test out their latest products? Surely, you have seen their popular promotions on social media lately, but if not, be sure to check out their website.



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