Sierra Designs presents the answer to your sleeping bag v. pillow problems, the Backcountry Bed.

Many of my summer memories are filled with images of camping and sleeping under the stars. As a kid, our sleeping bags consisted mostly of every blanket in the house. Now that I have grown up, I want to invest in gear for my family that will outlast the couch afghan and make camping a warm and easy adventure.

Sierra Designs has developed the Backcountry Bed for adults and children! The Backcountry Bed allows extra room for the taller people in your life with the ‘long’ option, seals out drafts with their patent pending zipperless design, hand and arm pouches and the stretch cord closure system.

The Backcountry Bag allows for a sleeping pad to be inserted into the bag’s sleeve allowing the restless sleeper to stay on the pad all night. Fits Sleeping Pad (WxH): 20″ x 2.5″ / 51 x 6.4 cm. It evens comes with an oversized polyester ripstop quilt so you can leave the blankets at home. But that is not why it is for EVERYONE in your household.

Stay Put Pillow Design

The new Backcountry Bag boasts a large mummy bag design at the head. This allows for any pillow to be inserted into the top of the bag and remain contained. If you have ever camped with little ones, you know that they are constantly running laps in their sleep. The mummy design ensures the pillow is kept close and secure so you don’t have to search for it in the middle of the night.

This design ensures any loveyies stay close by as well. We easily tucked in our 5 and nine year old, with their respective safety items and everyone stayed in their bag. ALL NIGHT LONG.

You read that right, parents. All night long. Our littest even commented on the Backcountry Bag being more comfortable than his own bed. He has a memory foam mattress so it is hard to beat!

Warmth All Night Long

Backcountry Bag comes in two temperature ranges: 35 and 20 degree. This allows for the coldest of the group to sleep well. The colors are great and one could easily by the same color for everyone in the family and not have a fight over whose bag is whose. Because, after all, the backcountry Bag is made for every camper in your house.

My only qualm with the bag is that it is hard to compress down into a small space. The stuff sack alone is : 15 x 7.5″ / 38 x 19cm. But, when you aren’t doing any technical hiking and climbing with your family, it makes for an easy clean and pack up for the campsite.

I absolutely love the zipperless design. If your boys are like my boys, that zipper quickly becomes a musical instrument or allows for hair, clothes and skin to be zipped into it while they are playing and rough-housing. The weight is also key. Even the smallest child can pack and carry a 1lb sleeping bag.

Tech specs for the Regular size fo the Backcountry Bag are:


  • EN Limit Temp Rating:  27F / -3C
  • EN Comfort Temp Rating:  37F / 3C
  • Fill Weight: 13.9 oz / 395 g
  • Minimum Weight: 1 lb 15 oz / 0.89 kg
  • Sleeping Pad Sleeve Circumference:  45.5″ / 115.6 cm
  • Fits Sleeping Pad (WxH): 20″ x 2.5″ / 51 x 6.4 cm
  • Fits Up To: 6′ 0″ / 183 cm
  • Length: 80in / 203 cm
  • Shoulder Circumference: 61″ / 155 cm
  • Hip Circumference: 60″ / 152 cm
  • Footbox Circumference: 41″ / 104 cm
  • Mesh Stoarge Bag Size (LxW): 20 x 12″ / 51 x 31 cm
  • Stuff Sack Size (L x W): 15 x 7.5″ / 38 x 19cm

A limited selection of bags and Sierra Design accessories can be found on Full lines can be found on their website:

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