Aventura Avila Top | Practical Travel Gear

Aventura Avila TopI’m somewhat of a Plain Jane when it comes to my travel wardrobe. Unless I’m on a luxury adventure or attending an industry conference (aside from Outdoor Retailer), my clothing choices are usually T-shirts, jeans or comfortable pants, simple skirts, and shoes with very little heel (if at all). Every once in a while, a fancier item tempts me, but ultimately, I go back to the tried-and-true: comfort and simplicity.

But that’s what I loved about the Aventura Avila Top. Above all, it’s a soft, long-sleeved T-shirt. It’s 100 percent organic cotton jersey, and the fit is comfortable and not one of those women’s top you have to size up to keep from looking painted on. The available colors offer a variety between basic black (for those of us who adore black for travel) and brighter colors that work with a travel wardrobe without looking like the Skittle color palette.

To keep the top from looking like every other comfortable long-sleeved T-shirt, it’s got details that are just enough to give the top the oomph you might want to dress things up a little, and not look like your entire wardrobe consists of T-shirts. Crochet details line the shoulders, neckline and sleeves. They’re the same color as the top, so they don’t stand out too much, and they’re not so lacy that you worry about snagging your clothing every few minutes.

Wear this top alone, or pair it with a jacket or scarf at night. Unless you regularly travel in haute circles that require gala evening wear, nobody will notice that you’re wearing a T-shirt. And that’s your secret. While others may regret their more restrictive clothing choices, you’ll be the one wanting to stay out longer, later, and encouraging your crew to go dancing.

The Aventura Avila Top comes in black, mosstone (green), petal (rose) and aqua sea, and lists for $55 on the Aventura site. It’s also available at Zappos.

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