Juniper Ridge Botanical Tea

Taste Nature with Juniper Ridge Botanical Teas

By Jill | August 12, 2022

It’s true that the terroir of a place—the environmental conditions, especially soil and climate—influences grapes grown for winemaking, as well as any food or drink ingredient. The taste of a place is often what helps us understand that destination more deeply, beyond the top things to do or buy, when we visit. It’s also often…

Thousand Traveler Magnetic Bike Lights

Light Your Way with Thousand Traveler Magnetic Bike Lights

By Jill | August 5, 2022

One of the things I always pack on a trip is a bike light. Even if I’m not traveling for a specific cycling trip, I may end up renting a bike, and lights aren’t often included. Sure, I could bike around in the early morning and late evening without a light, but why tempt fate…

Jungmaven Sun Short

Summertime Comfort with Jungmaven Sun Short

By Jill | July 29, 2022

Summer casual clothing feel wonderful when you’re outdoors in the sun, but continuing that carefree feeling through the year is easy—whether you move it indoors in the colder months, or you’re traveling somewhere warm. Growing up, I had a regular habit of practically living in shorts and adapting to the changing weather by pairing them…

Icebreaker Women’s ZoneKnit Merino Long Sleeve Half Zip

Stay Warm and Stylish in Icebreaker Women’s ZoneKnit Merino Long Sleeve Half Zip

By Jill | July 15, 2022

In my forever struggle to use only a carry-on bag while traveling, I’m constantly scrutinizing my wardrobe to get the best multi-use out of it. Clothing items that can look great at the dinner table but also have enough solid performance characteristics to take out on the trail (or wherever I’m adventuring) are items that…

Helly Hansen Helly Hansen Women's Rapide Lifaloft Air Jacket

Helly Hansen Women’s Rapide Lifaloft Air Jacket Lets You Pack Light and Stay Warm

By Jill | July 8, 2022

While I’ll admit that I’m not a “carry on no matter what” traveler, due to some of my adventures being rather gear intensive, I do try to avoid checking a bag. That’s especially helpful this summer, as the airline industry tries to get back up to pre-pandemic service levels despite there still being a pandemic.…

Arc'teryx Soria Long-Line Bra

Arc’Teryx Soria Long Line Bra and Essent High-Rise Short for a Variety of Adventures

By Jill | July 1, 2022

There’s often confusion about what constitutes “the best” activewear or work-out gear, and while plenty of excellent arguments can be made for clothing that’s breathable, anti-bacterial, or that wicks sweat away from your body—the real answer is that the best gear is what works for you.   Lately, I’ve been testing out the Arc’teryx Soria…

Velous Footwear Oceanside Flip

Recovery Comfort with Velous Footwear Oceanside Flip

By Jill | June 24, 2022

Whether I’m at home or away, active adventures and workouts can leave me with tired feet. When I’m on the road, I often bring small massage balls to relieve some of the soreness afterwards. But my usual routine is to ignore them and press on.   Recently, I’ve been testing out the Velous Footwear Oceanside…

Eagle Creek Tarmac XE 2-Wheel International Carry On

Pack for Travel with Eagle Creek Tarmac XE 2-Wheel International Carry On

By Jill | June 17, 2022

There used to be a time when I didn’t mind checking a bag when I was flying somewhere. My bag usually showed up on time after the flight landed, locks weren’t cut, things weren’t missing—all features I expected. But in more recent years, I’ve experienced more instances when a checked bag had to be delivered…

Herschel Chapter Carry On Travel Kit

Keep it all Together with Herschel Chapter Carry On Travel Kit

By Jill | June 10, 2022

Despite the many wonders of travel, the actual airport/airplane experience is among my least-favorite elements of going on a trip. I know I’m not alone. While I’m not going to ground myself just because I’d rather get that part over already, I do try to streamline my air experience so I can get through it…

Mountain Hardwear Trail Sender Short

Keep it Light with Mountain Hardwear Women’s Trail Sender Short

By Jill | June 3, 2022

Whether your plans are far-flung or close to home, hiking long or short distances, under the summer sun or in a tropical rain forest—lightweight shorts with great pocket space are appreciated by all travelers.   On my pre-summer adventures, I’ve been testing out the Mountain Hardwear Women’s Trail Sender Short. It’s the brand’s lightest trail…