Stanley Mountain Vacuum Trail Mug

Stanley Mountain Vacuum Trail Mug

By Jill | February 12, 2016

There are plenty of ways to take your liquid refreshments along with you, but once your list of needs for the transportation of your favorite beverage number more than about two, the options get fewer. That’s why I’ve been using the Stanley Mountain Vacuum Trail Mug on my recent trips. I want my hot drinks…

Eddie Bauer Women's Telemetry Freeride Jacket

Eddie Bauer Women’s Telemetry Freeride Jacket and Pants

By Jill | January 29, 2016

We’re mid-ski season, so if you’re anything like me, you’re assessing whether you really love your ski gear. If not, it’s time to take advantage of mid-season sales and up your game so you’re happy and comfortable for the remainder of the season. If you love what you have, there’s no need to spend more…

ExOfficio Women's Minka Pant

ExOfficio Women’s Minka Pant

By Jill | January 22, 2016

Are leggings pants? You might be surprised at the bandwidth spent by discussing this very topic. Ultimately, whether an item of clothing is acceptable in a certain situation depends on whether you’re comfortable (with your own clothing choice, not bodysnarking at others) and whether it works for the occasion. If you’re just not sure if…


Scrubba Wash Bag

By Jill | January 15, 2016

This is not an exaggeration: I do hotel sink laundry on every single trip I take. Sometimes, it’s merely underwear and socks. Other times, I work in shirts and pants. Ultimately, I try to avoid packing too much and also try to avoid paying expensive hotel prices on laundry service (as well as extra time…

Arc’teryx Atom LT Hoody

Arc’teryx Women’s Atom LT Hoody

By Jill | January 8, 2016

Whether you’re looking for winter gear to wear at home, or traveling somewhere with colder conditions, it’s important to know what you’re looking for in a jacket. What works for resort skiing doesn’t always work for cross-country skiing, and sometimes, neither jacket would work for just general walking around in a snowstorm. The Arc’teryx Women’s…

Wigwam Snow Sirocco socks

Wigwam Socks for Winter Sports

By Jill | December 25, 2015

For snow sports, socks are often an afterthought—until you realize that you don’t have exactly what you need to keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable for your outdoor pursuit of choice. Whether skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, ice climbing, snowmobiling, or merely walking from one place to the other, the right socks can mean the difference…

Keep Hands Warm with Hestra Moon Mitts | Practical Travel Gear

Keep Hands Warm with Hestra Moon Mitts

By Jill | December 18, 2015

You don’t have to be a skier to want quality mittens for winter. Cold digits are one of the main reasons we quit doing things outdoors and head inside for a warm fire, cozy blanket and après-anything cocktails. But just imagine how much fun you’d have if your fingers stayed warm and dry. Hestra Moon…

Smith Vantage Women’s Ski Helmet | Practical Travel Gear

Smith Vantage Women’s Ski Helmet

By Jill | December 11, 2015

Sure, you can rent ski helmets at pretty much every ski resort, saving precious suitcase space for something else, but if you’re a regular skier, your own helmet makes much more sense. Two reasons: resort helmets rarely feature leading-edge technology and ew, sharing your helmet with hundreds/thousands of other people? The Smith Vantage Women’s Ski…

Icebreaker Destiny Dress | Practical Travel Gear

Icebreaker Destiny Dress

By Jill | December 4, 2015

Packing the right wardrobe, especially if your itinerary includes casual and somewhat dressy activities, can be a challenge. Some travelers turn to monochrome clothing that can easily mix and match, others bring extra luggage. But when you pick the right pieces, those that can be worn for nearly any occasion (perhaps not rock climbing, though),…


Icebug Juniper-L RB9X GTX Boots

By Jill | November 27, 2015

In the outdoor gear world, studded gear (like shoes and tires) gets a certain amount of respect. Traction in wet and slippery conditions is extremely important, and while studded gear may look badass (as opposed to pretend badass in the general clothing world), it also allows us to get a grip. But unless you spend…