Amy Whitley is a freelance creative and travel writer and founding editor of the family travel website Pit Stops for Kids. An avid lover of the outdoors, Amy makes her home in Southern Oregon, where she, her husband, and three school-aged children spend much of their time backpacking, camping, skiing, and hiking. When not exploring her own backyard, Amy and her family hit the road for travel reviews of resorts, tour operations, and hotels across the country and abroad. Follow Amy Whitley on Twitter and Facebook.
Zenbivy sleep system

Zenbivy Light Bed for summer camping comfort

women's flo

Stohlquist Women’s Flo life jacket for summer fun

LOWA San Diego

Lifestyle pieces for travel days: LOWA San Diego GTX and Art 4 All trucker hat

Six Moon Designs

International travel solution: Six Moon Designs Traveler pack

Bindle Bottle

Bindle Bottle summer solution

Sea to summit sleep system

Sea to Summit comfort sleep system for the summer

Jade 53

Gear up for backpacking season with the Gregory Jade 53

Tansy dress

Aventura Clothing travel wear for spring

Toad & Co

Toad & Co travel wear for spring

Rumpl puffy

Rumpl printed down puffy blanket for spring

Best Lightweight Tent: Sea to Summit Duo Specialist Shelter

By Amy / June 18, 2013 / 1 Comment

Let’s say you’re interested in ultra lightweight backpacking, but aren’t quite ready to sleep in a cocoon of a bivy shelter. Or let’s say you’re not an extremist, but want to allocate your pack pounds to other comforts besides your shelter. For the sake of argument, let’s also say you’re willing to budget big for…

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Scottevest Women’s Travel Vest

By Amy / July 10, 2012 / 3 Comments

As a traveling woman who hates carrying a purse, I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of Scottevest clothing until now. With vests, jackets, shirts, pants, and even a dress in their line-up of travel wear, the Scottevest line is designed to keep your hands free and your pack light with numerous useful pockets in each…

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