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Reviewed – Timex Expedition Adventure Watches

Reviewed – Timex Expedition Adventure Watches

SOL Republic Headphones Review

SOL Republic Headphones Review

Top 6 Outdoor Apparel For 2016

By Ahmed / June 22, 2016 / Comments Off on Top 6 Outdoor Apparel For 2016

From head wear to foot wear, you need clothing that can withstand the outdoor climate, and that is also easy to pack and travel. For example, T-shirts and outer-wear clothing and gear should be lightweight, comfortable, durable, and should even come equipped with moisture management fibers. Foot wear should also be comfortable, breathable, lightweight and…

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Best Durable Backpacks From Kelty Reviewed

By Ahmed / June 21, 2016 / Comments Off on Best Durable Backpacks From Kelty Reviewed

If you are embarking on an outdoor adventure or camping trip, then you know you need to carry a lot of gear. Having a comfortable and durable backpack to carry all your gear is a must-have item for your outdoor adventures. If you are looking for a backpack that is not only comfortable and durable,…

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Kelty Camping Gear Reviewed

By Ahmed / June 21, 2016 / Comments Off on Kelty Camping Gear Reviewed

Flashlight – check. Bug spray – check. S’mores – check. You’ve got just about all the essentials for your next camping trip. But when was the last time you checked out your sleep camping gear? What is the condition of your tent? What do you sleep on? And does that ratty old blanket even keep…

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Wenger’s Travel Watches Review

By Ahmed / June 17, 2016 / Comments Off on Wenger’s Travel Watches Review

Don’t underestimate the power of a watch. While we all rely heavily on our phones today to keep an eye on the time or for an alarm clock, there are other situations when a wristwatch is more convenient (and even more durable than a phone…) Although it’s funny how because of Smart phones and other…

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Bugsway Insect Shield

Bugsway Insect Shield Clothing Review

By Ahmed / June 14, 2016 / Comments Off on Bugsway Insect Shield Clothing Review

Forget about lions, tigers, and bears: Mosquitoes are the deadliest animals of all. The World Health Organization estimates that mosquitoes cause a million human deaths annually, a figure that dwarfs all others of its kind. While malaria accounts for the vast majority of that unfortunate toll, a frightening threat of another sort has been steadily…

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Everyday Footwear From Sanuk

By Ahmed / June 8, 2016 / Comments Off on Everyday Footwear From Sanuk

If you have never tried on a pair of Sanuk footwear, your feet have never lived. It’s brand slogan is “never uncomfortable,” and I must say that on average, Sanuk shoes and sandals generally live up to the claim. Let’s look at a few of their offerings today. Koda and Cargo The Koda Select and…

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Lowepro Camera Backpack Review

By Ahmed / June 8, 2016 / Comments Off on Lowepro Camera Backpack Review

Since entering the wonderful world of DSLR camera ownership, I’ve struggled with how to safely carry my precious camera on a plane, while having enough room in one bag to also carry my laptop, phone, chargers, reading material, sunglasses, water bottle, toiletries and paperwork. I’ve put a small padded camera bag in a favorite large…

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Adidas Hiking Shoes For Women Reviewed

By Ahmed / June 6, 2016 / Comments Off on Adidas Hiking Shoes For Women Reviewed

I’m picky about my hiking shoes. As an avid hiker and past Search and Rescue volunteer, I’ve gone through quite a few pairs. I’ve rarely been completely happy with any of them: cheap shoes are too stiff, or too heavy, or just too flimsy, and top-of-the-line models may fit like a glove, but tend to…

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Teva Multi Performance Shoes/ Sandals Review

By Ahmed / June 2, 2016 / Comments Off on Teva Multi Performance Shoes/ Sandals Review

The best thing about sandals and flip-flops in the summer is that they are easy to slip on, they are easy to wear, and they pretty much go with anything, from a pair of shorts to a flowy sundress. However, we all know that flip-flops are also super uncomfortable. For those sandal seekers who are…

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Yeti Cooler Line Reviewed

By Ahmed / June 1, 2016 / Comments Off on Yeti Cooler Line Reviewed

Coolers are for summer trips to the beach, camping, long road trips and even backyard barbecues, right? While most of us will wait until the summer to use a cooler, I must tell you that after I purchased my Yeti cooler, I had to use in the winter first! The Yeti cooler isn’t like any…

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