Aspenta Vectu Portable Vehicle Tracker


My first thought when I was introduced to the Aspenta Vectu Portable Vehicle Tracker was along the lines of, ‘I really don’t have anyone in my life whose driving habits I feel the need to track’. However, this simple, lightweight device does so much more! It’s not just a cool (or creepy, you decide) spy tool, though I guess it is that too.

aspenta-GPSWhat is it? The Vectu is a portable GPS tracker about the size of your palm. It comes with an installed SIM card, which allows you to use it anywhere in the world where GSM reception exists (this would be everywhere except Japan, South Korea and North Korea). I guess if you need GPS tracking in North Korea, you have bigger problems, anyway.

Just place the activated Vectu tracker wherever you need it, and track its location using the free myAspenta app for iOS and Android. You can also access tracking online, at The location updates every 60-seconds on a map on your app.

It’s designed to track a vehicle, and that’s where we tried it out first. Since we have a teen driver, we placed the device in his car (with his knowledge) and gave it a spin. We were able to track his location back and forth across town, and could even add extra people to the system, so my husband could track him as well as myself. We trust our teen driver, so we’re not using the tracker to catch him in trouble, but it’s nice to be able to see his location without texting him to ask. Using the app is much safer for him as a driver. There’s also an emergency help button, which is nice to have.

Should we want to monitor our driver more closely, there are some cool additional features on the Vectu. You can set a speed limit and get an alert when that speed is breeched, and even place a ‘geo-fence’ around the device; it will alert you if the driver travels outside this ‘zone’. You can view up to 90 days of activity on the app or on your computer.

The Vectu is very versatile. In addition it using it to help our teen driver, it can be placed in luggage to track its location as we travel, or even stashed in a backpack or bag to track a person for safety purposes. While he won’t be in range of a signal at all times, we plan to place the Vectu in our son’s backpack during a multi-day hike next summer. It will be reassuring to know his location, even if updates are scarce. Solo travelers can use the Vectu to stay ‘on the radar’ of friends and family members back at home.

The set-up process: It literally took me two minutes to take the Vectu out of the box, start charging it with the included USB cord, and download the myAspenta app (there’s also an Android version). I registered with just one simple form, and was off and running. There is a annual service fee of $36, but this fee is waived the first year. I really appreciate this; it will give me a full year to decide how much I actually use the Vectu.

The Vectu is only 3.7H x 2.2W x 0.7D inches and weighs in at 3.3 oz (94 g). It’s $99 on the Aspenta site, with free shipping, or available on Amazon for the same price. If you don’t need to use it in your car, a smaller personal GPS locator is also available.



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