If you are looking to bulk up a bit or just stay toned, Ascent Recovery Water and Native Fuel Whey Protein Power Blend offer something for the fitness fan. These days, it’s harder to stay active in gyms due to Covid-19 restrictions. But, these are nice supplements if you work out outdoors. They are also great for vegetarians looking for another source of protein.

This review is more of a lay person’s perspective since I am not a professional athlete.

Native whey protein is filtered naturally and has more leucine (an important amino acid in healthy muscle function and growth). Ascent is a family-owned business that has decades of experience in producing cheese. As a result, it knows a thing or two about using the highest quality milk when making its protein products.

These products are ideally suited for athletes as these are more than just weight loss or personal well-being supplements. Instead, the products focus on strong muscle function. They are a favorite of sports teams that have rigorous training regimens. Of course, the average person can use them, too, and they have the same healthy muscle effects when used regularly.

Ascent Recovery Water

While this is not something that I can easily travel with (unless you put it in checked luggage), it’s great product for home use. It contains 20 grams of fast-digesting native whey protein and 2.5 grams of naturally occurring leucine. This helps your muscles recover and grow making it a great post-workout refreshment. I found the flavors like watermelon and pineapple coconut to be quite tasty. They taste similar to what you might find in Powerade.

Native Fuel Whey Protein PowerAscent points out how “clean” the drink is using no artificial ingredients or sweeteners, and it only contains 100 calories in the whole bottle. This natural recipe means it is also gluten and soy free. A third party screens the company’s products verifying there are no inappropriate substances to derail athlete qualifications.

Since post-workout recovery is an essential part of building healthy muscle, this drink is a notable addition to exercise routines. Many people train hard in the gym, but forget that how you treat your body after working out is just as important. Ascent also makes a similar drink to have before exercising that helps maintain energy and healthy hydration. The Recovery Water retails for $3 per bottle and is available on the Ascent Protein website.

Ascent Native Fuel Whey Protein Power Blend

As a frequent traveler, having alternative sources of protein that fit in my carry-on bag are especially notable. I loved how these come in individual-use packets. The same focus on no artificial ingredients applies to the protein power blend, too, although it contains soy.

I liked the chocolate flavor the best; there are many options including cappuccino, lemon sorbet, and even unflavored. Keep in mind this is not meant to be a nutrition supplement. Its primary target is protein although it does have small amounts of calcium and iron. Of course, if you mix it with a glass of milk (rather than water), the nutrient count will certainly rise.

To avoid undue injury post-workout and assure the right amino acids in your diet, these products add to a healthy workout lifestyle. Fifteen single-serving, 25 gram packs of the Ascent Native Fuel Whey Protein Power Blend retail for $40 on the Ascent Protein website. Many people appreciate the lack of processing compared to other whey protein blends. Plus, there are no artificial ingredients. While I am not exactly Ascent’s most athletic target customer, I find the Ascent Recovery Water and Native Fuel Whey Protein Power Blend products to taste great. They motivate me to spend more time exercising in my travels.

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