Nau Synfill greenWhen the weather outside is frightful, you need a jacket that keeps your outdoor time delightful. The Nau Synfill Sweater is stylish enough to wear out on the town anywhere in the world, but packs enough lightweight fill to perform well in the cold.

The jacket shell is 100 percent recycled polyester micro ripstop with a smooth, satiny finish. It’s treated with water repellent, so you don’t have to worry about going out in the rain. The fill is composed of 60-gram recycled polyester (using Cocona technology). Lighter and less bulky than a standard down jacket, the sweater is a good choice when traveling and keeping your bag from being overloaded.

The slim profile sweater has other features that work to keep the wind at bay, like a wind flap over the zipper and internal elastic cuffs. The jacket pockets (two front zip pockets) are roomy enough to fit a cell phone or wallet.  The hidden internal pocket has a zipper as well and is ideal for stashing that phone so you can put your chilly hands in the front pockets.

My favorite thing about this sweater, which I’ve used on city streets as well as on hikes in the winter weather, is the fact that the fill isn’t feathery. That makes it much easier to dry quickly when it gets wet. Also, it compresses well (think travel pillow). And I don’t have to worry about stray feathers attaching themselves to my clothing.

The Synfill Sweater is available in two colors: caviar (black) and leaf (green). For me, black is usually my default color, but I chose green instead. It’s great even beyond the holidays.

The Nau Synfill Sweater lists for $200 on the Nau website. A men’s version is available for the same price. REI also carries the sweater for $200.

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