lat56 bag

Business travelers know that many carry-on bags often leave suits wrinkled even if they do have a special folding compartment for jackets and dress shirts. For me, traveling with a garment bag is not an option as I typically bring a rollaboard suitcase and briefcase with me. There is not an option to take a third carry-on without having to check something else.

Plus, when traveling with a garment bag, it is the luck of the draw if the flight attendant is willing to hang your garment bag in the closet (that is if there is one). Otherwise, you are stuck placing it into the overhead bin and running the risk of someone slamming their own bag on top of your suit.

The Lat56 Red Eye bag is the most durable garment bag that I have ever seen. Clearly, its outer shell composed of semi-rigid rubber-like material protects whatever is inside it while making it malleable enough to squeeze into an overhead bin. Even if someone does slam their bag on top of this rubber shell, it is impact resistant keeping the contents safe.

It is also possible to check this bag with no worries thanks to its solid exterior shell keeping suits safe and wrinkle-free. That’s something that no garment bag could ever do.  The rubber resists water protecting clothing from rain and the elements.

Lat56 has patented what it calls the Torso Protecting System that keeps interior contents free of wrinkles. Inside the bag are separate compartments for ties, shirts, and other accessories, which keeps everything organized.

A shoulder strap makes it easy to carry this bag through an airport or hotel lobby. It is a bit awkward to balance this bag on top of some rollaboard suitcases, but the shoulder strap and lightweight nature of the bag make it easy to carry separately.

If you do decide to check the bag, a built-in TSA lock allows you to protect your garments from tampering while also allowing security to access the bag if needed. The iTRAK system provides a global tracking service on the bag so that you can keep tabs on it if you do decide to check the bag.

This bag is available at and fits a surprisingly large amount of clothing. While not cheap at $295, it is a durable, high-quality bag that will last a long time.