kangaroom media pouch

One of the most frustrating byproducts of the digital age is having to pack up so many gadgets, cords, and plugs every time you move from one place to another. It can drive a normally calm person over the edge as they search every nook and cranny of their suitcase or backpack for that certain adapter or charging cord that went into a crevice or forgotten pocket somewhere.

I’ve found I stay a lot less frazzled if I can keep all that junk, errr, electronic enhancement, in one place. I like this Kangaroom Personal Media Pouch I’ve used on the last couple trips because it’s a handy size and not overly kangaroom electronics organizercomplicated. Basically you have your choice of six small pockets of two different depths and one catch-all larger one at the bottom for something longer like a Steripen or portable hard drive. This might not cut it if you’re a gadget freak with six chargers along (and if you are, get a Callpod), but for most people this is enough.

It zips together in a package that’s about the width/height of a hardcover book, but thinner. At that size it’s small enough to fit into a laptop case, large purse, or small backpack. It’s not marketed as water resistant, but there’s a liner than will keep your gadgets dry within reason if your water bottle leaks on it a little.

The Kangaroom Pouch is made in China and the plastic zippers feel a little iffy around the corners, but you can’t complain because the list price is only $12.99. It comes in four color combinations too, from bright bubblegum pink to subdued camel/chocolate.

There’s another version where you can insert a power strip to have multiple outlets at your disposal. Unfortunately it doesn’t come with the power strip already built in, so don’t get it as a gift! Follow this link to see all the other reasonably priced Kangaroom travel cases.

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