This iPad protective case comes from the battleproof G-Form line of cases, but actually features a reverse design style for those who find the tire-thick look for an iPad case to be too much. The ballistic fabric exterior is super strong allowing the iPad to fall from a suitcase, table, or even balcony without concern for damage. On the inside, there still is G-Form’s traditional reactive protective technology that adds to the layer of protection. It can absorb up to 90% of the shock from a disturbance.

To prove that claim, G-Form even dropped a device from 100,000 feet assuring that this well-padded cover can keep expensive devices safe from impact.

This case is ideal for those who feel the original G-Form design was a bit too rugged for their tastes. The design essentially reverses the material with the external nylon giving a more attractive look. It also makes it easier to slip it into a briefcase or into a side pocket on a carry-on bag. The original rubbery surface could be a bit difficult to slide into tight briefcase corners or carry-on bag crevices.

An opening for those with the latest iPads allows space for the camera lens (although for the record, I still have the original iPad without a camera lens…am I the only one?).

Adding to the appeal for travelers is that the cover is lightweight despite looking heavy. It clocks in at only six ounces and comes in multiple colors for style seekers. The soft exterior means it is comfortable to carry by hand. I especially liked the soft exterior which was more comfortable when resting the iPad on my lap and watching a movie or writing emails over a long period of time.

For around $40 at retailers like Best Buy or Amazon, it makes a great gift for those who rely on their iPad for everyday life.