My travels keep me on my feet quite often as I have to hit the ground running when I land and am often walking long distances from place to place. I typically wear loafers or casual business shoes, and even the best brands like Johnston & Murphy’s have developed holes or peeled-back soles quicker than expected for such expensive shoes. Quite the disappointment.

When I had the opportunity to try the Cushe Evo Mocc comfortable shoes, I was excited yet concerned that they may appear too casual. On the contrary, they were perfect for not-too-dressy cities and were well-paired with both jeans and even dress khakis. I even received a few compliments on my shoes and comments that they looked very comfortable.

The shoes are crafted from leather with a neoprene sock and mesh interior that make them comfortable and ventilated for high energy use (whether its athletic hikes or long business walks). I appreciated that the look of the shoe is not too earthy (I don’t travel with a bandana to wear to business meetings!) and the rubber sole is not as noticeable as you might expect. That sole, by the way, is like an air cushion making you feel like you are wearing tennis shoes without the intensely casual look of a pair.

One day while walking in the rain, they got a bit damp on the outside, but the moisture did not permeate the shoe and it dried very quickly.

Various colors are available, and the ease to slip it on and off at security checkpoints or on board an airplane make it a frequent traveler’s friends. Cushe has a host of other rugged, soft-footed shoes, but this is one of the best options for travelers. While not ideal for business travelers who must don a suit and tie daily, this is a great gift for many whether vacationing through the streets of Europe or careening through crowded airport terminals in a hurry, heavy bags in tow.

Available for about $100 at Zappos or REI, this is not the kind of cheap shoe you want to drag through the mud although it cleans easily with the wipe of a damp towel.

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