Though Buffs have been around since 1992, the versatile headwear gained fame in 2000, when the TV show Survivor launched. Each “tribe” wore differently colored Buffs wrapped around their heads, waists, necks, wrists and legs to help viewers keep track of who was aligned with whom. Today, the company Buff produces not only the seamless, microfiber Original Buff ($20 each, or $22 if you want an authentic Survivor logo), but also the super-soft, cotton Circular Scarf ($45, on sale now for $34).

Like the Original Buff, the Circular Scarf is designed to be worn a multitude of ways. Wrap it twice around your neck for a tight-fitting scarf, or around just once for a loose look. Drape it over your shoulders as a “shrug” or wrap, or wear over your head as a head scarf (this would definitely come in handy in Middle Eastern countries where visitors are expected to follow local customs of keeping heads covered).

This Buff scarf is quite light and can be folded (or squished) to conveniently carry in a purse or tote. I always wear a scarf around my neck on chilly planes, and this would do the job nicely. For cool summer nights (or overly air-conditioned restaurants), the scarf-as-shoulder-wrap would also pair well with a sundress..

The Circular Scarf comes in four different colors — navy, dark grey, light grey and khaki — and the ink is applied such that there is a gradient effect, with varying shades from dark to light. Pair two together for an even more colorful look (pictured left). The material is lightweight enough that wearing two at the same time wouldn’t feel too bulky.

Other scarves by Buff include the extra-long viscose and the extra-long linen, as well as a bright knit version. Peruse all products at the Buff website, or check out offerings on

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