Arcade Launches New A2 Belt

Challenging the Status Quo with the Evolution of Belt Design: Highly Durable, Innovative 3-Piece Ergonomically Contoured Buckle Now Available on Select Arcade Performance Stretch Belts

Arcade (, a brand founded on the belief that belts could be designed to function better, last longer, and be more comfortable, today introduces A2, a next generation belt that features an all new buckle design, the result of Arcade’s pursuit to redefine new levels of function, quality and comfort.

The new A2 belt demonstrates Arcade’s focus on challenging the status quo and consistently improving its range of performance stretch belts, a category that the brand first introduced in 2010 and has continued to expand with new belt styles for the active and casual lifestyles.

Arcade thoughtfully engineered the buckle of the new A2 belt for enhanced functionality and elevated design. The A2 buckle is contoured to fit the body and rest in a natural position, and its intuitive design increases the ease of fitting into and through belt loops, while the 3-piece buckle provides secure hold and durability.
Arcade A2 Belt

“The A2 belt is the result of countless hours of tinkering and testing in the lab and our outdoor playgrounds. This belt represents a new, elevated level of functional use and overall comfort,” said Kevin Walker, Director of Marketing, Arcade. “There’s serious craftsmanship and style in our new A2 buckle. It’s such a critical component of an overall key piece of gear that we’re solely focused on at Arcade. Regardless of your activity – from outdoor adventure to daily casual wear and travel – we design and build our belts to free your movement.”

Arcade belts featuring the new A2 buckle offer:

* Performance Stretch: Performance webbing – made with REPREVE® recycled yarn – firmly stretches and moves with your body
* Easy On & Off: New tapered buckle design feeds easily through belt loops, tail end first.
* Travel Friendly Design: Metal-free, durable buckle makes travel security easy
* Contoured Fit: Buckle closely mirrors the curve of your form to rest in a natural position
* Lifetime Guarantee: Built to last with high-quality performance grade components tested in the field and in the lab.

The new A2 buckle is introduced across a select range of Arcade belts, including the new Atlas, Carto, and Out of Range styles, and additional A2 styles will be introduced later in 2023.

Check out the styles and learn more about the Arcade A2 buckle at:


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