Conmigo ULTI Messenger bag in blue

I’m a carry-on kind of girl. If I’ve checked my suitcase when I fly it’s because I have liquids like craft spirits or local honey, or I’m doing something wonderful that requires largish gear like scuba diving. The bags I take on to a plane with me have to keep my things neat and tidy and at the same time be lightweight so it’s easy to navigate.

I recently tested the Conmigo ULTI Messenger bag and was happy with how securely it fit on my roller bag. I didn’t worry about it slip, sliding around as I moved through airports to jetways and cityscapes. The durable bag is loaded with pockets and compartments designed to keep all the things you travel with organized. I especially liked being able to store gear I knew I would need soon after boarding a flight, like a water bottle and earbuds, in an easy to access front pocket. The shoulder strap cell phone compartment came in handy too.

Conmigo ULTI Messenger bag on airplaneDesigned by a veterinarian to be the “ULTI”-mate messenger bag, when flying it qualifies as a personal item and fits (laying on its back or face) under the airplane seat in front of you. The Conmigo ULTI Messenger bag converts from a messenger bag to a classic briefcase, but what makes the bag distinctively different from other travel bags on the market is the attached, pull-out seat cushion that’s located in a zippered rear compartment. Along with providing comfort, the cushion keeps the bag tucked securely behind your legs and thus a harder target for thieves. When not being used as a cushion, it can also be used as tablet/laptop sleeve.

The tethered cushion provides comfort and a sense of security or control of your belongings when in public settings like train stations or bustling cafes. I tried using it when flying to see if I could gain some leg space, but found the combination of the bag and airplane seat angled my lower legs out a bit far and couldn’t get comfortable.

It’s a messenger bag, so it’s also important to keep in mind that it may be too small for folks that tend to carry bulkier travel gear like larger cameras, headphones, and travel pillows.

The Conmigo ULTI Messenger bag is available in black and blue. Cost is $129 on Conmigo’s website, though at review time it was on sale for $98. For every bag sold, a donation is made to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF), the charitable arm of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).