Alchemy Goods was born out of necessity when the founder’s messenger bag was stolen. Creating the perfect bag from items he had lying around is how Alchemy Goods was created and the Brooklyn Backpack became a reality.

Brooklyn Backpack

The Brooklyn Bag is born from recycled inner tubes from bikes. Alchemy Goods has a partnership with REI bike shops to collect the used tubes to upcycle them. Approximately 50% of the Brooklyn Bag is created from these inner tubes.

The Exterior

The inner tubes are sewn together to make the exterior of the Brooklyn Bag. On the front of the Brooklyn Bag there are two zippered pockets. The largest has an opening that spans the entire front of the bag. This zipper is protected and almost camouflaged by the inner tube fabric.

The smallest of the pockets is large enough to keep a Kindle, calculator, wallet or passport. There is no way to lock the zipper in this pocket so I suggest you do not keep valuables in it.

Brooklyn Bag in Charcoal

Brooklyn Bag in Charcoal

The Brooklyn Bog backpack straps are sewn into the top and are adjustable at the end by a sturdy strap adjuster. The backpack straps are lightly padded and curved to allow a more comfortable fit at the shoulders.

A thick nylon fabric covers the bottom and the back of the Brooklyn Bag. The back of the bag is padded and reinforced with a diamond stitching. I personally love the color of the nylon fabric. The dark, almost olive green, allows for the bag to get dirty and not show it. Out in the city, airports, buses, etc., the ground isn’t always clean and pristine like it is at home!

An inner tube rubber handle can be found at the top of the Brooklyn Bag for a quick grab point. There are no water bottle pockets on the side of the bag. The bag is highly water resistant but not waterproof.

Brooklyn Bag Interior

Brooklyn Bag Interior

The Interior

The Brooklyn bag boasts a well-padded laptop compartment that can fit a 11L x 2D x 14H in laptop. There are organizers for 3 pens, and two slip pockets for calculators, etc on the laptop sleeve. The Brooklyn Bag can hold up to 16L and only weighs in at 1lb 8oz.


We suggest taking this bag with you through the city, to the beach and as a daily commuter bag. The Brooklyn Bag would be a perfect option for the traveler who is rough on their equipment and needs a bag that can handle the abuse of travel and commuting. I also suggest using this bag for kids. It can easily be cleaned and is extra durable.

One of Kind

Due to Alchemy Goods’ upcycled program and design, each Brooklyn Bag and additional products on their website are a collector’s item. There are never two of the same and for around $100 you can own your own special piece. For instance, our Brooklyn Bag has a yellow strip up on of the tubes along with the printed size of another. The Brooklyn Bag on the website has only one tube with a printed size and dimension.

Brooklyn Bag

Brooklyn Bag

UpCycled NOT Recycled

Alchemy Goods custom manufactures unique upcycled products from used advertising banners and reclaimed inner tubes. To donate, please contact your nearest REI bike shop or the Alchemy Goods Recycling Coordinator on their website.

Looking for an innovative private label? Alchemy Goods can help you create an upcycled version so you can promote your business and help keep the world free of trash.

What We Would Change

I would move the small outer pocket to the back of the backpack so you can store valuables in it and have it be safer against your person. A chest strap would be helpful for longer commutes.

The Brooklyn Bag is available on the Alchemy Goods website. At the time of printing, they are offering free shipping through the USA on orders of $50 or more. The Brooklyn Bag retails for $140.00 and comes in three options, Charcoal (pictured), Mandarin and Waxed Canvas. A small selection of Alchemy Goods can be found on

They offer the ability to make payments on the price of the bag using Sezzle. All bags are back by their “2nd Lifetime” Warranty.

Our products are backed by a 100% satisfaction guaranteed, limited lifetime warranty. If a purchase does not meet your expectations, or you are unhappy with the product, you can return the item(s) for a full product refund, or replacement.
If your item has a manufacturing defect in its workmanship or design, you can send it in for repair or replacement, always 100% hassle-free.
Please keep in mind that our warranty does not cover wear and/or tear, theft/loss, material fading, or damage caused by improper use, and accidents!
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Safe Travels!