Adidas Terrex CC Voyager Sleek: Our Pick For a Walking Shoe

Adidas Terrex CC Voyager Sleek

Long gone are the days of heavy, non-breathing sports shoes.  The Adidas Terrex CC Voyager Sleek is a comfortable shoe that’s stylish and durable.  The top of the shoe is breathable while the sole provides ample support.  The Adidas Terrex CC Voyager Sleek shoe was comfortable for long walks around the neighborhood or working out at the gym.

Walking On Clouds

The most notable aspect of these Adidas Terrex CC Voyager Sleek shoes is just how lightweight they are.  This makes them extremely comfortable.  The whole top portion of the shoe is a sort of thin breathable mesh.  And while the sole provides support, it is made of lightweight material as well.

While the breathable mesh makes this shoe light, the real purpose is to keep your feet cool.  The mesh makes up approximately 80% of the top of the shoe, making sure your feet don’t feel suffocated, even in the heat of the summer.  Adidas calls this “climacool”. Even when taking an hour-long walk, my feet stayed quite cool.

The midsole is constructed with drainage and ventilation options through the midsole sidewall. This si combined with a closed outsole for enhanced breathability and comfort.

The sole of the Adidas Terrex CC Voyager Sleek shoe is quite supportive and thick enough that you don’t feel every rock in the path.  The tread of the shoe provides a good amount of traction on pavement or dirt; however the shoe isn’t suitable for any rugged trails.

TheAdidas Terrex CC Voyager Sleek shoe does not provide enough ankle support for any long distance running.   However, the Terrex are not supportive enough to wear while using most weight-lifting machines at the gym.

The Adidas Terrex CC Voyager Sleek doesn’t sacrifice style for utility. These shoes go well with not only your workout clothes, but look cute with a pair of jeans.  The grippy tab at the heel of the shoe makes it easy to slip on in a hurry, making them ideal for going on an impromptu walk or wearing around town.


Travel Aspects

Easy to pack, the Adidas Terrex CC Voyager Sleek shoes compress into a suitcase or easily slide into the water bottle compartment of your carryon or backpack. After wearing these in the humid climate of Cuba, I can say that they will be the one and only shoes you need for an island vacation. They would be brilliant on a waterfall hike!

Historically, I swear a 7.5 in Adidas but these run a little long in the foot and one could easily order a ½ size down for proper fit. They are also great for a narrow foot bed like mine.

The bright colors for the Adidas Terrex CC Voyager Sleek are cheery and fun. I was happy to sport the Core green around town and trail. They also come in more subtle colors (black and grey). With a great price point of $65 the Adidas Terrex CC Voyager Sleek are the new go-to shoe for the summer.

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