Adidas has been a favorite and a staple in my closet since middle school track. Whether it was spikes, warm-up suits or runners, I have always had a special place in my heart for Adidas.

Recently, we took the Terrex Agravic BOA, Terrex Agravic Speed Plus and Light Insulated Jacket out for a field test.

Terrex Agravic BOA

Adidas love at first site. I don’t know if it was the dope dye color-way, no lace Advanced BOA system or the featherweight of the shoe that first got to me.

Terrex Agravic BOA

Terrex Agravic BOA in dope dye color-ways

Coming in at 9.7 ounces, the Terrex Agravic BOA shoes are very lightweight but have great stability within the construction. With a wider footbed, the Terrex Agravic BOA allows your feet to feel the trail and thus send signals to your brain about the terrain. Why is this important? The more input your brain can receive from your foot and stabilizer muscles, the more calculated your next step will be and your muscles ready to fire appropriately.

A breathable EVA tongue allows a contact point for pulling the shoes on and does not interfere with the fit. The soft sock-like top provides coverage without making the shoe stiff or hot while the boost puts the energy from your run back into your legs so you can run longer, faster and with less strain. Advanced Boa® Closure System with IP1 incremental pull-and-push structure on top lateral eyestay for customizable micro-adjustability; 360Wrap locks in and supports the foot for enhanced stability and a secure fit. The Advance BOA closure system is quick and easy to use. To engage, press down and turn to your desired comfort level. To release, pull up on the knob and you are free to exit the shoes.

The 6mm drop is barely noticeable and after a few miles, you have broken in the shoes and the drop is of no concern.

Tread on the Terrex Agravic BOA is outstanding and nothing to scuff at. With a rubber sole from Continental Rubber bike tire your shoe will not, cannot slip on surfaces. Running through the forest, on paths and even in my indoor HITT classes, when you place your foot, it is there until you physically move it.


Terrex Agravic BOA is a great shoe for a trail run and then into town for some sightseeing. The previously mentioned grip will make sure your trip through cobblestone streets and the walkways of Pompeii are without foot fatigue or injury from slipping.

Terrex Agravic BOA retails for $170 and will go wherever your adventurous mind can think of. I did find that the Terrex Agravic BOA ran a little big so size down if you are a ½ size. Check out our review of running socks HERE!

Light Insulated Jacket

Don’t’ let the pure white of this Light Insulated Jacket scare you away! While it is a beautiful pearl white, it is also machine washable.

Addidas Jacket

Cut in a bomber style, the Light Insulated Jacket could be worn as a hiking jacket for cooler mornings, out and about in town and then dressed up with a jean jumper and scarf for dinner. Dressed down or dressed up the Light Insulated Jacket will shed water during a spring storm and keep you dry with its breathability and soft synthetic insulation. The soft wrist cuffs don’t slide when pulled or rolled up the arm. The waist can be adjusted with the drawstring if the weather turns on you.

Addidas Jacket

Addidas Jacket Hoodie Addidas Jacket Hoodie

Light Insulated Jacket can easily become your one travel jacket when traveling to mild climates. I have it in a small and it fits true to size.

Terrex Agravic Speed Plus

Much like the Agravic BOA, the Agravic Speed Plus is a lightweight, stable trail running and town walking shoe. With the same Boost technology in the sole, the Terrex Agravic Speed Plus returns your own energy back into your body so you can conquer the mountains, streams and beer festivals.

Your feet will stay dry with its breathable GORE-TEX membrane and the equally breathable EVA tongue.

Outside tread is the same Continental Rubber as the Agravic BOA and will ensure your foot placement is stable and secure. The granite mountains in Idaho can become slippery in the weather or morning dew and the grip of these shoes will ensure you stay upright. The drop of the Terrex Agravic Speed Plus is 6.5mm and has not caused any issues with knees or hips.

While on the trail we were impressed with the resilience and flexibility of the shoe and the versatile nature of Adidas Terrex Agravic Speed since it caused the shoe to adapt comfortably to the changing foot movements without having any harsh impact on his feet

Terrex Agravic Speed Plus fits true to size and retails for $130 on the Adidas website.

Performance with Purpose

Since beginning my position at Practical Travel Gear, I have been able to follow the Adidas story and have been impressed with their commitment to sustainability and bringing the adventurer products that fulfill their purpose of performance with purpose.

For instance, in 2016 Adidas surpassed their initial goal for sustainable cotton sourcing by achieving 68% of its Better Cotton Initiative with a goal of being 100% by the end of 2018. By 2020, Adidas will be utilizing strategic suppliers to reduce their water usage by 20%, 35% per employee at their own sites and 50% water savings at apparel material suppliers.

Adidas doesn’t shy away from the hot topic of plastics either. Working with Parley for the Oceans, plastics are gathered and removed from the shoreline or coastal areas and turned into high tech travel gear.