Addaday BIO6 Easy to Use Massager

With the state of our world still in some level of lockdown, it’s no surprise that we are still in front of small, medium and larger screens all day to get through. All this time sitting, typing and Zooming has caused some major trigger points in my lower back and shoulders. If you are suffering too, let me introduce you to the versatile BIO6 deep tissue massage from Addaday.

Bluetooth Capable

For all the devices available from Addaday, there’s an app for that! Download from the App Store onto your favorite device, create an account or sign in using Facebook, Apple sign in or email and get started. The app will ask you a few questions about your health history and you are ready to repair those sore muscles. Bluetooth connection took 10 seconds.

In the Addaday app you are able to program your device for specific needs. I programmed mine for recovery after a long work day of writing and preparing for a conference. I chose 10 minute session with heat for my low back and shoulders. After the shoulder massage, I was able to relax and the small trapezius spasm that had been developing all day was released and I could relax without the use of OTC medications.

Add Heat to Your Massage

The BIO6 from Addaday allows you to add heat to your massage and it makes all the difference for me. The heat is gentle  and allows me to melt into the massage nodes for the ultimate deep tissue massage. I prefer to use the BIO6 in a chair so I can adjust the pressure I apply to the BIO6 for the best results. Heat is optional- just hit the power button once and when the red lights turn off, so does the heat.

Personalize Massage

With the preprogrammed massage sequences on the Addaday app and the ability to change to speed of the massaging nodes on the BIO6, you can program a massage that will invigorate, alleviate and restore. The back of the BIO6 has a four point Silicon Pad that helps to keep the BIO6 in place when massaging. This is especially helpful in the car (YES! You can use it in the car!) when we are driving for a couple hours and my back starts to ache.

Massage On Demand

Life has always been crazy but it seems to be more so now that everyone is working and learning from school. Childcare is a little harder to find during the days of the COVID19 pandemic and the urge to expose myself to unknown environments, it lacking. I am already around patients at the hospital and with Grandparents in our circle who could be harmfully affecting by COVID19, I haven’t had a massage in over a year.

The Addaday BIO6 is probably the best addition to my life in the last 12 months. Dramatic? No, not really. With stress levels escalated, sleep less restful and recovering from a ski injury at the beginning of 2020, a massage on demand is a blessing from the Addaday gods. My children have also loved having it after a long day of online learning.

Sore back during hour two of school with 3 more hours to go? Massage time. Calf muscles sore from physical therapy? Heated massage time. Unable to sleep? 10 minute massage and I am sleeping like a baby.


While the BIO6 is not the most packable item, it does travel well for car trips and should have a place in your home office or workplace. The BIO6 comes with a car adapter so you can charge it while on your road trip on when you are stuck in traffic. We have even used it for a ipad stand on our thighs while we watch a show to pass the time!

Addaday has a great product line and there’s something for everyone. You can purchase your BIO6 and other great massagers on Addaday’s website. The BIO6 retails for $89.00- a great value for on demand pain relief without turning to OTC medications.

Safe Travels!

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