Sleek? Check. Modern? Check. Comfortable? Double Check. The backpack for everyday carry at home and abroad is the new 20L Daily Backpack from Able Carry.

The Daily Backpack from Able Carry presents with a sturdy, modern exterior that is literally covered in a brandedDaily Backpack Cordura Nylon specifically picked for its strength and colorfastedness. Able Carry then covers the exterior in a DWR coating to aid in the water resistance of this beautiful backpack.

The exterior features of the Daily includes a stowable and adjustable sternum strap, padded shoulder straps and five points of padding on back of the bag. Channels in the dual density padding allows for the ventilation of heat away from the body to ensure you stay cool while on the move. Side hooks for bike locks, take out bags or even your running shoes make external carry of your gear extremely customizable. We counted 12 attachment points along the bottom for you to use as needed. A sturdy Strap across the bottom of the right and left side of the zippers allows you to lock your zippers in place when you are in a less desirable location. This is a BYOL (Bring Your Own Lock) situation though. Able Carry

The front pocket is accessed through an off centered zipper and reveals a medium sized pocket for stashing your jacket, water bottle or storing keys on the provided key leash. The secret pocket at the top of the Daily Backpack is a great place to store passports while going through customs, cash and even sunglasses. A padded grab handle at the top rounds out the exterior of your new favorite backpack.

Inside the Daily Backpack you will find a variety of storage options for your daily gear. The Daily Backpack fits most 15″ devices in the laptop sleeve but is large enough to store and protect a 16″ Macbook Pro. The mesh zipper pocket will keep key cards, wallets, coins and other small gear safe and secure. Two pen pockets bookend this mesh pocket so no matter which way you open the Daily Backpack, you can have quick access to a pen. The mesh pocket does not have any give to it. I hope that future iterations of the Daily will include more elasticity in the mesh.

Pockets on the front flap allow for quick storage of headphones, calculators, hand sanitizer and snacks. The Daily Backpack almost completely clamshells open for full exposure of your stuff. This makes it easier to access what you need when it is stored under the seat in front of you while flying or traveling by train. The sleek design of the bag would even allow it to be a great bike commuting bag.

Able Carry Daily Backpack

Able Carry’s Daily Backpack comes in 4 colors and can be shipped globally. It really is a pretty tricked out backpack and only weighs 2 pounds! I love the minimalistic approach to the design of the front. It allows for the Daily Backpack to be used in a professional setting without looking like you are ready for a hunt or running late for 5th period.

A slimmer A-Frame design allows the Daily Backpack to be a unisex fit, in my opinion. The durability would make it a great fit for teens and college kids as well. The Daily Backpack retails for $128.00 and comes with Able Carry’s lifetime warranty. You can even give the Daily Backpack a 14 day trial run to see if it is the right fit for your needs.

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