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Osprey Waypoint 80

Sorry kids, but this contest is over. Thanks everyone for helping Passports with Purpose raise more than $25,000 for Sustainable Harvest International!

Yes, we recently reviewed the Osprey Waypoint 80 travel backpack so you’re not seeing double. But Osprey Packs has teamed up with us this year to contribute a prize to Passports with Purpose.

You can donate $10 to this year’s campaign and have a shot at scoring a backpack with a lifetime guarantee, one that retails for $280. This one could take you around the world a few times and stand up to almost anything you throw at it.

If you’re not familiar with Passports with Purpose, it’s an annual charity drive that focuses on one specific, concrete goal that will make a real difference in the lives of people who could use some help. It doesn’t involve lofty ambiguous goals or work on projects that nobody local has a real need for. Instead they’ve accomplished things like building a school in Cambodia, building libraries in Zambia, and drilling village wells in Haiti. They partner up with organizations who work closely with the local communities on projects that have a major impact.

This year’s partner is Sustainable Harvest International, a group that helps families in Central America learn to grow their own nutritious food and become more self-sustained, while doing it in a way that’s not expensive or destructive to the environment. The money raised this year will fund specific projects in Honduras, a poor country where many are living in poverty, despite a climate that’s good for year-round farming.

For each $5000 we raise during the fundraiser, SHI will help on extended family in Honduras learn to farm sustainably and feed their family. Training will go for five years, with lasting benefits for the entire community.

Donate here.

About the Osprey Waypoint 80

Waypoint 80 reviewWe’re happy to be teaming up with one of our favorite companies on this campaign. The Waypoint 80 is a travel classic and you’ll see it on the backs of intrepid travelers almost anywhere in the world. It’s got all the things you’d expect in a good travel pack: easy access without unpacking, two sets of compression straps/clips, and a removable daypack. This one is quite comfortable even when it’s packed to the 80-liter limit, with myriad adjustments possible to the back panel, padded waist strap, and sternum strap. You get lots of padding in all the right places.

This backpack is guaranteed for life because that’s how long it could last you. Even when it’s being tossed on top of Indian buses and sat upon when hitching a ride on a pickup truck, it’s not going to let you down. See my full review here.

Follow this link to go to the Passports with Purpose site. There you’ll find loads of other great travel gear items to bid on, all for just $10 a pop. If you totally strike out, you’ve donated to a great cause in a time of year focused on nothing but consumerism. But hey, if you get lucky you could get something you really wanted for the holidays!