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By Chris Guill | January 30, 2019

ROC Waterproof 10,000mAh Charger: Ready for Adventure By Leah Guill | November 29, 2019 Tortuga Setout Backpack for Women By Jill | November 29, 2019 Costa and Julbo sunglasses for active travel By Amy | November 26, 2019 ShiftCam 6-in-1 Travel Set with Front Facing Lens By Ramsey | November 25, 2019 LOWA Barina II…

Mollusk Beach Pants

Casual Comfort With Mollusk Beach Pants

By Jill | June 28, 2019

Surfers know a little something about comfort. And when you’re traveling, comfort often means more than it does at home, because you’re constantly between tiny airplane seats, weird hotel beds, hauling bags, and generally in situations your body may not be used to in your day-to-day life. Since I live in a beach town, it’s…

Toad & Co. Jetlite Pant

Toad & Co. Jetlite Pant – A Quick Review

By Jill | July 29, 2016

True minimalists prefer multi-functional clothing items when it comes to packing for travel. Pieces that can be worn different ways, or can function both as daytime and evening wear, are immediately valuable because you can limit the suitcase space needed for your wardrobe. The Toad & Co. Jetlite Pant is one of my favorites and…


Nomad Apple Watch straps for travel and home

By Amy | March 12, 2019

I travel with my Apple Watch, because I find it useful for getting prompt alerts from airlines on travel days and for using the haptic touch feature to get directions while I’m at my destination. That way, I’m never digging my phone out of my bag for every little thing, and I can be more…


Nod 2.0 by zdoze travel pillow

By Ramsey | April 16, 2018

That’s one of the reasons why I agreed to try out the Nod 2.0 travel pillow because it is not bulky at all, and consists of a balance that you through over the back of the seat and eye shades that cradle your head from the resistance.


Travel-Ready Phone Covers By GoCustomized

By Amy | January 16, 2018 offers customized cases and covers for your phone or tablet, including the iPhone X and latest Android models. While certainly not alone in the customization space, I tried out GoCustomized and really liked how I could customize my iPhone case in as little as ten minutes, from my phone itself. They have several options,…


Gregory Proxy travel backpack

By Amy | February 3, 2019

The Gregory Proxy 45 is the perfect weekender bag for adventurers! Small enough to be worn comfortably as a backpack while fully loaded, yet roomy enough to stash enough gear and clothing for a long weekend, the Proxy 45 has become my new companion for short trips. It’s just over three pounds, and has a…

Innate Outdoor Travel

Innate Active Travel Towel

By Chris Guill | June 20, 2016

Imagine a towel that is lightweight, perfect for travel or your outdoor activities or even drying off after a workout at the gym, and even made from recyclable materials and fabrics. The good news is, one already exists! The Innate Active travel towel is designed to do just that, and much more. Using an ordinary…


Columbia Travel Clothes For Women

By Chris Guill | July 22, 2016

As a woman, it can be tough to find the right clothes for the right outdoor adventure. Looking for the perfect outdoor jacket that is durable, comfortable, and fashionable – and that fits right – can be a frustrating experience. But with Columbia travel clothing line for women, it doesn’t have to be. Columbia has…

Glerups open heel slippers

Travel in comfort with Glerups Open-Heel Felt Slippers

By Jill | March 30, 2018

Do you dream of leaving the house and heading to the airport in slippers the next time you go on vacation? No, not those flimsy white hotel slippers. I’m talking about cozy slippers that can double for cozy shoes when you’re on the road. Lately, I’ve been traveling with my Glerups Open-Heel Felt Slippers. Classic…

titan roto cooler

Arctic Zone coolers for summer travel

By Amy | July 16, 2019

We’re in the heart of the outdoor travel season here in North America, and in my household, our array of coolers are in full swing. This month, I tried out two offerings from Arctic Zone, the  Titan Roto cooler and the Titan backpack cooler. Here’s what I discovered, and how they compare to comparable coolers…


Running and exercise clothing that travels well

By Amy | January 21, 2020

When I travel, I can’t give up my exercise routine, but I also won’t compromise on luggage space. The solution: running and exercise clothing that can double for days on the town or walking through museums. Here are some favorite pieces from this winter that do the job: Icebreaker deluxe leggings: I love, love, love…


Boulder Denim jeans for comfortable travel

By Amy | September 25, 2018

Boulder Denim is not your standard fashion jean, though they’re certainly still fashionable. Instead, this denim company inspired by the rock climbing community in Colorado makes jeans that are stretchy, ready to move with your body during a host of activities, and still maintain their shape and form day after day. In other words, they’re…


Aventura Clothing travel wear for spring

By Amy | April 2, 2019

Spring is officially here in the Northern Hemisphere, and maybe I’m feeling optimistic about the weather here in the Pacific Northwest, but I’ve been testing out some summer travel dresses from Aventura Clothing. Here’s what I love best: Celia dress: Dress it up or dress it down…the Celia dress is ready for anything. Made of…


Aventura sun hats for summer travel

By Amy | May 24, 2016

Nothing says summer to me quite like breaking out my selection of sun hats and fedoras. I’ve long attested to the fact that accessories make fashion easy to pull off when you’re traveling, but let’s face it: a lot of hats are bulky or fragile, and just don’t pack well. Until hat boxes come back…


Six Moon Designs travel pouch

By Amy | February 19, 2019

I wasn’t familiar with Six Moon Designs until testing out their ePouch, designed specifically for travel days. They are known for their line of affordable, practical backpacking packs and tents, which have a utilitarian, streamlined look to them. It can be hard to find a travel bag that falls in the category between backpack and…


Keep A Heroclip In Your Travel Bag – A Quick Review

By Jill | September 22, 2017

A bunch of years ago, someone tried to give me one of those pretty wire contraptions you could use to attach to a table and hang your purse. While I do sometimes run around with a purse, I couldn’t imagine dragging a darn hanger around for it. But now, I’ve found a better thing that…


Super.Natural base layers for winter travel

By Amy | December 29, 2015

Base layers are a must for winter travel. Of course, they’re a no-brainer on an outdoor-focused vacation like a ski trip, but we bring base layers on city travel too, during the cold months. Right now, we’re in Europe, and it’s chilly! I brought three Super.Natural base layer items, including the women’s base tight, base…

spAIR Tray

spAIR Tray Travel Shelf – A Quick Review

By Ramsey | July 3, 2017

The spAIR Tray is the niftiest new gadget that solves that problem. It inserts into the normal grooves of the window without causing any damage to the air frame or window pane.

QALO Functional Wedding Rings

QALO: A Wedding Ring Fit For Travel And Adventure – A Quick Review

By Jill | February 2, 2018

Intrepid travelers as adventurers are often faced with the question of whether to wear their wedding ring on their travels. No, it’s not because they want to pretend to be single and hook up with people while they’re away from their partner, it’s because shiny things can often get unwanted attention from people who want…

GlocalMe WiFi Hotspot

GlocalMe WiFi Hotspot For International Travel – A Quick Review

By Amy | July 25, 2017

We’re a family of five and all of us have phones or other devices that use data, so when we travel internationally, data and roaming fees can really add up. During our most recent trip, which took us through Iceland for ten days, we tried something new: a GlocalMe WiFi hotspot. For an initial investment…

Ameribag Urban Traveller

Urban Traveler Healthy Back Bag by AmeriBag – A Quick Review

By Ramsey | November 30, 2017

The Healthy Back Bag by AmeriBag combats that through its shape that forms to the curvature of your spine relieving some of the pressure that can come from a heavy bag. Its shape helps to distribute the weight more evenly instead of tugging on only one shoulder and causing stress to your neck and back.

Peak Design Travel Backpack

Pack and Play with the Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L

By Jill | November 9, 2018

Everyone’s got their way of packing: toss everything in and sort it out later, roll everything up, fold instead of roll, or use packing cubes. I’m not here to convince you that any way is the right one, but I will say that packing cubes make it far easier for me on the road, and…

Club Ride Shift Jean

Travel In Comfort And Style With Club Ride Men’s Shift Jean – A Quick Review

By Jill | February 10, 2017

Let’s say you want to do some cycling on your vacation. Not hard-core mileage, but perhaps your hotel has a fleet of bicycles you can use to get from place to place, and you want to take advantage of the good weather and tap into some sustainable transportation practices. But cycling in your everyday jeans…


Best Trail Running Socks

By Leah Guill | October 11, 2017

I was excited to get my feet into some great new running socks from a variety of companies for this review. I tested them out so you don’t have to! Grit From Zensah- BEST Never mind the harsh name, these socks are as soft as a baby’s… well, you know. Made with merino wool, these…

Charleston Shoe Company

Versatile Travel Shoes From Charleston Shoe Company – A Quick Review

By Amy | December 5, 2017

Have you heard of Charleston Shoe Company? As of a few months ago, I hadn’t, but this American-born shoe company is making great strides (sure, pun intended…why not?) in the travel shoe space. Their affordable, comfort-focused shoes are on-trend and versatile, plus almost all their styles will pack down easily in any carry-on. So what…

Mountain Khaki Warm Wear

Mountain Khakis Warm-Weather Wear For Men And Women – A Quick Review

By Amy | April 4, 2017

Last week, I introduced the Mountain Khaki Cora Dress, which is a versatile dress for spring and summer travel just about anywhere. Today, I want to focus on three pieces that work wonders in your travel wardrobe for equatorial climates. I just returned from Central America, where I wore the Mountain Khakis Two-Ocean Tunic more…