Helllooooo from my backyard, cold drink in hand and my Miir Growler ready for the afternoon of relaxation and great conversation.

64oz Growler

Miir was one of the first lines we were introduced to at the Outdoor Retailer when my family purchased the PTG site and I still use my blue camp cup to this day! With celebrations and get togethers moving to the backyard and out of restaurants, we were thrilled to test out the 64oz Growler from Miir and share a cold brew with our friends.

We had it filled at our favorite watering hole (Western Collective Boise, Idaho) and even the servers were commenting on how nice it was to fill. We all love the simple yet functional handle! But, the pièce de résistance is the Threadless lid with pressure locking clasp. Once home and ready to socialize, we “popped” the lid and everyone commented on the sound. Like the burping of Tubberware or the iconic sound of a cork being shot across the yard, the release of air let you know you were about to experience something cold and effervescent. Miir

Bubbly and cold, the beer poured like a golden river into our glasses and didn’t dribble off the side of the vessel or chug out of the Growler. The intuitive hinge of the lock stays in place when pouring and filling!

The black and white options are coated in Hardshell powder coating but still allows for your favorite stickers to stick. I recommend personalizing your Growler because it will be the talk of the party and you’ll need a way to make sure it’s comes back home with you.

GrowlerThe Miir Growler doesn’t just hold your cold brew, it can keep non alcoholic drinks cold and hot! Think of the Miir Growler the next time you are hitting the ski slopes and need to keep a healthy supply of hot chocolate available in your car or locker!

Miir is available on Amazon.com and on their website at Miir.Com.  At the time of this review, it retails for under $55.

Safe Travels!

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