I am always on the lookout for the perfect carryon bag, and the 5tar cabin trolley really intrigued me because it has a detachable laptop case.

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Your belongings are kept secure inside the hard shell of the bag, but you can easily unzip the laptop case in a hurry (like if you’re giving up your bag at the gate of a regional jet or if you’re getting on a hotel shuttle and prefer not to chance it that your valuables don’t end up smashed underneath a pile of luggage).

Another useful feature is that essentially you have two bags, but when pesky gate agents insist you carry only one, you can zip them back together!

Just in case you’re worried, the bag was designed with cabin bag limitations in mind (even for Europe where the standards are more strict).

I liked that the front pocket was a convenient place to store things like keys, chargers, passport, and other documents.

It is easily accessible when needed. The pockets have elastic slots to keep a phone or camera secure, and there are small compartments for pens and keys.

On its own, the bag is very lightweight, and the hard-shell interior means you can fill it to the brim, and the bag still does not appear bulky.

The outside pockets can sometimes make the bag look bigger than it is, but that just depends what you stuff in there.

Sturdy handles on the top and side make it easy to lift into overhead bins.

For protection, the bag has a TSA-approved lock, and its four spinner wheels make it simple to roll through the airport or down the sidewalk.

Sometimes when I put a briefcase on top of my rollaboard, it can make the bag top-heavy.

But, since this bag has its own laptop case zipped to the side, there is no need for a second briefcase or laptop bag. This makes it much easier for me to push the bag on less smooth surfaces like carpeting.

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The 5tar cabin trolley comes in various sizes and retails on the 5tar website for under $200.

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