Please enjoy this “email interview” with owner of Nordik Eyewear and learn more about their revolutionary flawless clarity with Nordik Eyewear’s Diamant High Contrast lenses.

Q: What is your history with the outdoor industry?

I started out manufacturing eyewear 15+ years ago, designing goggles and sunglasses with R&D and Design.

Q: What are the challenges you face as a female entrepreneur?

Fortunately, in business I haven’t run into many obstacles, I have had great experiences with most everyone I have encountered. But it is harder to balance Home and Work life as society puts pressure for traditional roles on women, so we have added pressure to fulfill both of those rolls.

Q: Is there any advice you would like to give to other female entrepreneurs?

I think women should bring their school age kids to work with them (not all the time, but occasionally) so that they can see the influence and work ethic moms have inside and outside the home. I think it adds to the influence over your kids that you can do anything if you work hard at it. I have 3 children, 17, 12, and 6, and I want to instill in them that if they dream about doing something and they work hard, they can make it a reality.

Q: Does the name Nordik mean anything personal to you?

The Nordic people have a strong rooted history of strength in extreme conditions, I feel that is something that our brand stands behind. We want to help athletes perform and stand strong, with confidence in the extreme conditions they encounter both in hot and cold climates.

Q: What is the inspiration for the fun and whimsical art for the youth goggles?

We chose those styles and patterns because we thought they were fun and that kids would like them, especially the unicorn pattern as that was always a favorite of my daughter when she was young.

Q: The colors for the Nordik goggles are bright and colorful. Do they speak to you in a certain way or were they chosen for their eye-catching properties?

I love color and so I loved having the pop of color for the lenses. I think it always completes the whole kit when your goggles really pop. Our colors are definitely something that initially brings people to our brand, but our technology is what keeps them here.

Q: In your closet, what 3 products would we find?

I love fashion so I have LOTS of clothes! I have lots of suits for the office, but I also have clothes for going out and having fun with friends and of course workout clothes as that is what I live in!

Q: Skies or Snowboard?

SNOWBOARD!!! I love snowboarding! I just started a few years ago but I immediately fell in love with the sport. My love for it pushed me to start our snow goggle line.

Q: The heated goggles are such a gamer changer to the industry. What was your inspiration for the heating system and what are you most excited for with the technology?

The inspiration came from the defroster in your car. Why couldn’t we make a defroster for goggles since that is biggest obstacle, fogged up lenses. So, we did! I love when we tell people about it because they instantly give the “huh?” head tilt like a dog.

Q: Diamant lenses seem to be the way of the future for clarity- what can we tell the world about these lenses?

Diamant High Contrast was created to filter out the wavelengths between these three primary colors and enhance the wavelengths that enter our eyes. Our eyes are most sensitive to wavelengths in the green spectrum. Wavelengths in the blue range cause visual clutter, loss of contrast and eye fatigue. An example of this would be losing the white baseball in the bright blue sky or losing that golf ball in the sky as it makes its way down the green, or even the constant distortion of the white snow on a blue bird day, everything is just a constant blur. All these things can keep an athlete from competing at their best.

Traditional grey lenses tend to dull the view by darkening everything in your eyesight, but with Diamant High Contrast Lens you will not have to sacrifice the clarity of the landscape by simply darkening it.  You will continue to see clearly with a flawless clarity and vibrant landscape that will make you want to wear your eyewear all the time, and your eyes will thank you for it! No more tired dry eyes that hurt from the constant strain of them trying to over-compensate from the harsh light transmission from regular lenses. You will only See Flawlessly with Diamant!

Now get out there jump, putt, and go faster with more confidence and without hesitation. Trust the flawless clarity of Diamant High Contrast Lens Technology. These lenses are available in nearly all styles and frames from Nordik Eyewear.


Safe Travels!


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