What do you get when you cross a staple piece of travel clothing with the warm, fuzzy feeling that comes from cuddling up next to your favorite person? A quality merino wool blend hoodie, of course. Eldorado Merino is almost as famous for its merino wool sweaters as it is for its technical outerwear. The brand has been producing them in some form or another since 1894, which makes it one of the leading names in merino wool clothing today. Their garments are known for their softness and ability to absorb moisture while keeping you dry at the same time thanks to their high-quality construction and proprietary manufacturing process. Combine all of these qualities with the fact that they’re also super stylish and you have yourself one heck of a wardrobe staple. Here are 5 solid reasons why you should add an Eldorado Merino Hoodie for Women to your wardrobe immediately

Eldorado Merino Hoodie

It’s a Good Match for Active Travel

As the weather changes, so do your clothing preferences. You may be ready to trade in your trusty winter coat and boots for swimsuits, sandals, and a cap-sleeve summer dress when you see the opportunity. Or, you may be looking to upgrade to a higher-quality coat that can handle the elements while also keeping you warm and dry. Whatever your style preferences, an Eldorado Merino Hoodie can help you transition to a new season in style. They’re a great choice for outdoor activities like hiking, backpacking, camping, or skiing. Their soft, durable construction is perfect for whether you’re wearing a jacket or a t-shirt underneath. And with UPF 50+ sun protection and 15+ warmth, you’re prepared for any weather conditions.

It’ll Keep You toasty at Home

If you’re looking to keep yourself and your belongings extra warm this winter season, a merino hoodie is a great option. They’re super lightweight and breathable, so you can wear them during the day while you’re getting things done around the house. But they’re also warm enough to keep you toasty at night, making them a great choice for DIY projects like building a snow fort or doing some repairs around the house. You can also wear them as a lounging top, letting them double as the perfect sweater for the couch. And when the temperatures dip, you can easily turn them into a light jacket by slipping on a light sweater underneath.

It Comes in a Wide Range of Sizes and Colors

When you shop for a merino sweater, you’ll probably notice that they come in a limited range of colors. If you’re shopping for an Eldorado product, though, you can rest assured that they have their merino hoodies in a wide range of colors. You can find white, black, grey, navy blue, and camel, just to name a few.  If you’re trying to decide between two hoodies of different colors, you might choose the one with a darker color so it pops a bit more. There is some stretch to the Eldorado Hoodie so buying a size smaller may be the best option if you are between sizes.

It’s Stylish Enough for Daily Wear

One of the reasons why you should buy an Eldorado Merino Hoodie for Women is because they’re stylish enough to wear every day. They’re a great option for those days when you have to rush out the door and throw on a T-shirt because you didn’t have time to change into something more formal. They’re also a great option when you’re going out for the evening with friends or your significant other. Depending on the style you choose, you can wear them with both casual and business attire. One of the best aspects of wearing merino wool is that it doesn’t retain odors. And, merino wool also doesn’t itch or irritate your skin. This is great because it makes it a great choice for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

It Offers a Lot of Luxury Features Too

Merino wool is a high-quality material that provides exceptional warmth, breathability, and softness. But, this is only part of its story. Merino wool is also one of the most sustainable fibers available. It can be recycled up to 10 times and requires 90% less energy to produce than synthetic fibers. It’s clear to see that this material is a great choice from an environmental perspective. But, merino wool is also a great luxury. That’s because it’s super soft and luxurious. And, if you wear your merino wool hoodie often, you’ll notice that it’s also incredibly durable. And, you can also toss it in the dryer.

The Eldorado Hoodie retails for $260 on the Artilect website. Size options range from XS-XL and four colors are available for the women’s hoodie.


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