You may know Zensah for their well-designed running socks or compression sleeves for the foot, arms or elbows. But, you may not have been introduced to the line of travel compression socks they offer.

With fresh, simple designs, the Chevron Argyle and Ditsy Flower Compression socks bring comfort and style to any travel outfit. The socks are soft and comfortable; no annoying seems or pilling of the material after wearing them for a extended periods of time.

Nurse Compression Socks - Cute Flower Design, Improve Circulation
  • 82% Polyamide/18% Elastane
  • The compression socks featured graduated compression which helps to improve circulation.
  • Perfect for 12-hour shifts.
  • The compression stockings are able to be worn all day in comfort thanks to the ultra-soft fabric.
  • Made in the USA + Satisfaction Guaranteed.

The compression allows for enough pressure without feeling as if your legs are being strangled all day. I’ve had previous compression socks that, after a long day of wear, would have pushed so much fluid into my upper thigh I would not be able to put on a pair of jeans.

These socks leave my legs feeling fresh and invigorated and honestly, ready for a run following my arrival after traveling.

The prints on these socks are bright and colorful, making them a surprise pop of color under a pant leg. The toe and heel are comfortable and have no annoying seems that need to be adjusted throughout the day.

The weave of the sock is light and breathable with the added benefit of copper.

Copper Compression Socks assists with the sink factor after a long day of traveling and makes sure your socks can outlast your trip.

Fresh Legs Copper Compression Socks
  • 70% Nylon/18% Spandex/12% Nylon
  • Energize Legs: Whether on your feet for 12 hours during a nursing shift, traveling, or running.
  • The compression socks feature a seamless toe box to ensure there is no irritation or discomfort.
  • Featuring the greatest amount of compression in the ankle area and the least in the calf.
  • Use for Sports, Traveling, Maternity, and More.

These knee high socks are great for the pregnant or diabetic person in your life as they provide full coverage of the calf and foot, reducing static blood or slow blood flow through the lower extremities and are soft on the skin which can be damaged or sensitive. I would suggest these for everyday use, not just traveling!

The best advice I’ve received while wearing compression socks are to take them off at the end of the day and never sleep in them unless directed by a physician to treat a medical problem.

If you are like me when you travel on an airplane for a 3 or 4-hour flight, I immediately kick off my shoes. The Fresh Legs Compression Sleeves allow me to wear any shoes for the trip and still maintain healthy circulation throughout my lower extremities without having to change my outfit to accommodate compression socks (no matter how cute they may be!).

I also find the compression these offer are fantastic for runs, allowing you to wear your favorite running or walking socks. I always welcome an item that can do double duty!

With their sleek designs and comfortable compression, the Zensah travel-worthy compression socks alleviate tired, achy legs, swelling in lower extremities and prevent the un-welcomed economy class syndrome (ECS) of deep vein thrombosis.

At Practical Travel Gear, we love to travel and wish only first class on our patrons! Who doesn’t love fresh feet, legs and those warm towels? Heaven!

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