I’ve been a fan of Six Moon Designs since trying out their international travel pack, which went around Europe and India with my teenage son. Their Daybreaker daypack utilizes the same intentional design elements that I appreciated in the larger pack, making it perfect for both day hikes or day trips during longer vacations or travels. What makes it unique?

  1. The deep–and I do mean DEEP–side pockets: I can fit a large Nalgene bottle or Hydroflask and never worry about them falling out while I’m hiking.
  2. The expandable collar: you can make this backpack slim and streamlined and then gain room as you hike and take off layers. It expands a full 4 liters when not rolled.
  3. SitPad frame: you can cop a squat anywhere with this handy little pad.
  4. Dual hydration ports: so I can grab any hydration bladder I prefer and not worry about which side I need to feed the tube through. The hydration bladder sleeve is included, and removable.

In addition to these unique details, you get a removable hip belt, large shoulder strap pockets (also mesh), a non-removable lid with lots of storage, an ice axe loop, a daisy chain, and an interior zippered stash pocket (perfect for your phone, chapstick, and keys).

The bag is top-loading with a drawstring closure, and the rip-stop nylon packs down small, in case you want to stash this backpack in your suitcase for day use during a longer trip or in your multi-day backpack to use when bagging summits. It only weighs 20 ounces! If you go to Six Moon Designs webpage, you’ll see that reviewers have used the Daybreaker for everything from Around the World trips to backcountry skiing. It’s a go-to bag in my collection of day packs for local hikes at the moment, and is slated to come with me to Europe just as soon as I can travel safely again.

Pick it up in one of three basic colors (blue, black, or orange) for $120 at Six Moon Designs.



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