Sunski Treeline sunglasses for outdoor travel

Oh my goodness, I’m in love. Sunski’s Treeline sunglasses provide the ultimate in eye protection for just about any type of outdoor adventure, from downhill skiing to biking to hiking. Here’s why:

First of all, these babies have polarized lenses, a must for any serious sunglass option. Secondly, they feature glacier-style side panels (side cups) that reduce glare and wind, yet are practically indiscernible from the front view. Plus, they’re removable and weigh almost nothing, so you can opt for them to be in or out, depending on your activity.

The Treeline come in two styles: tortoise forest, which has a tortoise design with a green-hued lens, and black tort slate, which has a dual-toned design and darker lens. I tried the tortoise forest, and love the look. If you need dimensions, the temple width is 141 mm and the nose bridge is 10 mm, with a lens width of 51 mm. The frames are flexible, which make them comfortable to wear and also reduce my worry that I’m going to break or crack them. You get a lifetime warranty, too.

I wore the Treeline on a backcountry ski trip, and loved how the side panels kept the wind out while I skied; I often forgo sunglasses for goggles even on warm days because my eyes water so much otherwise. My eyes remained clear thanks to the side panels in place. When I didn’t need them, I just popped them out (there’s a little edge that fits into the base and top of each panel…you just pop them in and out of the groove) and kept them in the protective carrying case that came with the sunglasses. I’ll also wear these sunglasses once the summer season gets underway, while I SUP and kayak. I’m looking forward to the side panels reducing the glare off the water.

Pick up a pair on Sunski or look for the Treeline on other online retail store sites. They’re $89, which is more than most Sunski sunglasses but well worth it for their multi-activity range.

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