Well, congrats you to you and yours. We have made it to August and whatever school may look like for your family, we have some great ideas to keep the Back-To-School excitement going! Let’s break down our top 10 must haves for this school season. In no particular order- we love them ALL!

Hydaway Hydration Bottles

Hydaway Hydration Bottles in all the colors!

1. Hydaway Hydration Bottles

The material used is in the new Hydaway Bottle is more environmentally friendly further reducing its size and weight while also making a charitable donation.The familiar silicone swirl pattern of this 18 ounce water bottle remains, and they come with either a spout lid or traditional top. When flattened, they can be placed in a convenient carrying case to keep them free from other items in your bag. This is great for hygiene and organizational purposes. Dishwasher safe.

Tamangito Backpack

Tamangito Backpack from Patagonia

2. Tamangito Backpack

The Tamangito Pack is as functional as it is beautiful. Constructed from recycled Nylon, the exterior of the pack is sturdy. The shoulder straps are slimmer, for a woman’s body and boasts a daisy chain on both sides. The chest strap is removal and adjustable. I love how the chest strap elastic and will provide some give when cycling, sightseeing, and exploring the urban terrain of a new city. Available in multiple colors and in local stores. Check site for details. True story- I bought two for my kids for school this year because they fight over mine. We bought a black and a blue one.

Birdie Personal Alarm

Birdie Personal Alarm

3. Birdie Personal Safety Alarm

Light-weight with a pop of color, the Birdie personal safety alarm is easy to spot in your bag. To help deter an attack, activate the LOUD 130db siren and flashing strobe-light. Birdie comes with a solid brass keychain to transition with you from day to night––around town, on the trails, across campus, and out at night. Don’t forget to check out their Instagram account for Flock Love and add your picture. Stay safe and trust your gut with Birdie Personal Alarm.

Thousand Bike Helmet

Thousand Bike Helmet

4. Thousand Bike Helmet

The coolest feature of the thousand helmet is 110% the Anti Theft Guarantee. The small circle on the back of the helmet is actually a magnetic window to a thread through hole for your bike lock. Simply thread your bike lock though the logo and lock your beautiful helmet to your bike. Thousand then takes their guarantee one step further- if your thousand helmet is stolen while locked to your bike, they will replace it for free. Great for kids and adults!

SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive

SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive

5. SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive

Reports, photos, essays… where to keep them all safe?! That’s where the SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive Go from Western Digital can come in handy. This easy to use and convenient flash drive is small enough to fit into your pocket making it great for travel (remember that?) and for using at home, school and the home office.

It comes in two sizes 128GB and 256 GB giving you lots of room to download and organize your favorite travel memories. If you have used one of these in the past, you will notice that this version is smaller than previous models.

Reflective Gear

6. Reflective Gear from Proviz

For the active student, we can’t recommend Proviz enough. From cycling to running, Proviz ensures you can be seen on the road so you can come home to those who love you the most. The Proviz REFLECT 360 line is the best of the best when it comes to being seen. A neutral grey when not illuminated by lights, this jacket is sleek and comfortable. The REFLECT 360 jacket is waterproof, comes with vents and a fleece lined neck for comfort. Adjustable cuffs ensures a warm and dry fit every time.

Use code: practicaltraveler20 for an additional 20% for our readers.

Balance CBD Oil

Balance CBD Oil in Peppermint Flavor

7. Winged CBD Supplements

Balance Oil is created with CBD from full spectrum hemp extract, Evening Primrose oil and peppermint oil. It is a clean tasting supplement. If you aren’t a dropper kind of gal, the Balance comes in soft gels as well. This would be beneficial for traveling and the restriction on liquids. Winged also makes gel capsules called Happiness. The whole line is worth a look on their website.

Gregory Quadro Pro Hard Case

Gregory Quadro Pro Hard Case

8. Gregory Quadro Pro Hard Case

The four independent wheels allow the Quadro Pro Hardcase to follow you through the crowded airports, down cobblestone streets and navigate the maze of your hotel without tipping your bag. Pull or push your way through your adventure, the independent wheels will react and roll smoothly in multiple directions.

Just in case you decide to bring home some really yummy rum from Cuba or small antiques from Venice, the Quadro Pro Hardcase can expand about 2” for additional storage space. A perfect piece to outlast the many moves back and forth from home as school lets out for breaks.

UCO 4 Piece Mess Kit

UCO 4 Piece Mess Kit

9. UCO Gear 4 piece mess kit

The UCO 4-piece mess kit includes a plate, bowl, utility spork and a tether for the utility spork. The 4-pice mess kit is a great size at 8 in x 8in. I really like the included tether for the utility spork so you can keep your kit together and grab and go when needed.

The outside of the 4-piece mess kit is rubberized. You can place bowl tethered together or separated out onto most any surface and trust it will stay put as you enjoy your meal. The lid to the 4-piece mess kit can act as a plate while the deeper side is your bowl.

The good people at UCO even made sure the curvature of the bowl matches the Utility spork so you can get to every last bite and not look like a savage licking your bowl clean. This would work great for students in middle school through college.

UVShield Gaiter

10. UVShield Gaiter

The UVShield gaiter comes in eight colors/patterns and a kid’s size. It’s more versatile, as it can be used as a Buff-type accessory or a mask, and is made of thicker material. It also uses chemical-free Coolcore® technology, and breathes and wicks naturally to regulate evaporative cooling. You can wear it as a headscarf, hood, face mask, bandana, balaclava, helmet liner, or do-rag. And it’s also SPF 50.

Happy studying and stay safe!