The highly rated MAGNETumbler from Bote is a magical piece to add to your beloved Bote gear or an excellent way to start your newest obsession with a brand as magnetic as Bote.

We were originally introduced to Bote with their amazing cooler, KULA. We have used it every weekend since and get some many compliments on it. A fresh addition to the KULA is the MAGNETumbler from Bote. I have the 20 oz Seafoam Green tumbler. It is as you would expect, keeps cold drinks nice and chilled and warm beverages at an even temp.

The lid is secure and prevents leaks even with the sliding lid. The included plastic straw is wide enough for a smoothie and has a wider base so it cannot slip out of the lid of the cup.

But the best part and the whole reason this tumbler from Bote is your new friend, is the 2″ MAGNEPOD Neo Magnet mounted on the bottom. This strong magnet smartly attaches to the top of our KULA cooler and even our metal patio set. Which is amazing because we have some very friendly puppies with table-heighth happy tails that are notorious for knocking drinks over. No more tears over spilt beers!

The MAGENTunmbler is easy to hold and remove from magnetic surfaces. I can’t wait to get out and onto the water with this tumbler and a Bote river raft or paddleboard. My summer would be made.

MAGNETumbler retails for $36-40.00 and is available in a 20 or 32 ounce size. There are NINE color options and every piece from the Magnepod system works together seamlessly. I recommend these to the tailgaters, the water warriors, parents of athletes, and the everyday commuter. You just can’t beat a multipurpose tumbler in a color that makes you happy.



KULA 10 MAGNEPOD™ Cooler is a Well Thought Out Beast

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