1MORE Stylish dual-dynamic in-ear headphones

When I travel, I am often looking for the smallest or most lightweight travel accessories to take with me. This remains true when looking for the perfect pair of headphones. Personally, I find over-ear headphones to be bulky and irritating when wearing them for long periods of time on my head. When I tested out the 1MORE Stylish dual-dynamic in-ear headphones, I was excited for the chance to try something that is affordable (at $40 for a pair) and also comfortable.

The dual-dynamic driver is intended to offer exceptional sound quality without being too bulky. 1MORE says that they assure a deep bass sound while also keep high notes crisp and excellent in quality. A concern for me is if they easily fall out of your ear while walking or even when sitting and using them for long periods of time. The ear buds were carefully designed with a 45-degree oblique angle to keep them positioned in your ear without causing any discomfort. I liked the soft and cushy material that they used to make the ear buds.

Since everyone’s ear shape may be slightly different, 1MORE includes three additional ear buds of varying sizes so you can find the one that is most comfortable for your ear. Inside, the dual-dynamic driver is not bulky or heavy, which is what lends itself to such a streamlined design. It has two outer layers covering the titanium and graphene diaphragms, which is what is responsible for producing the solid sound quality. Each one handles a different type of pitch creating a well-balanced sound no matter what you are listening to at the time.

The headphones come in four different colors: rose pink, spearmint green, platinum gold, and midnight black. They all retail for $40 on the 1MORE website, and these options mean you can choose the look that best suits you.

What always amazes me about such small electronics is the long roster of things you can do with them. There are in-line controls that allow you to skip forward to different songs or raise and lower the volume at the touch of a button. While walking through an airport, I appreciate that I can plug them into my phone and use them for phone calls thanks to a solid microphone built into the cord. To answer an incoming call, I just push the button on the cord. The sound quality was clear and crisp even in a noisy environment like an airport or walking down the street.

This means I can easily stream music while walking, working out, napping, or sitting on a plane. I liked how the cords fasten together with the soft, rubbery neck band so that the cords do not dangle down like traditional ear buds and get snagged on something. Even when you are not listening to something, you can pull the earbuds from your ear without worrying about them getting in your way because the cords are rather short and they stay connected to the neck band.

When I am not using them, the headphones fit into a compact travel bag that keeps them from getting jumbled into a knot. Even the neck band is soft and malleable enough so that it can easily fold up to put in the same drawstring bag.

They operate on a long-life battery for as many as six hours at a time, and I was particularly impressed with how quickly they recharge. For three hours of battery life, it only takes ten minutes to charge it up.

These 1MORE Stylish earbuds are a lightweight, portable, and effective way to listen to music or use Bluetooth functionality when you travel. For only $40, they are money well spent.


Ramsey Qubein is a travel journalist who has visited 154 countries covering the hotel and airline industry from every corner of the globe. His work appears in travel publications and outlets including Travel+Leisure, Business Traveller, Airways, Singapore Airlines’ Silver Kris, US Airways magazine, Northstar Travel Media, Yahoo Travel, and BBC. He serves as the National Hotels Travel Examiner and writes for numerous blogs and web sites. He travels more than 350,000 miles a year and is highly recognized as an expert in loyalty programs, business travel and the luxury travel segment. You can follow him on Twitter at DailyTravelTips or at his website www.RamseyQ.com.

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