Arc’teryx Index Dopp Kit
Unless you’re planning on taking a ton of selfies on your vacation, you really don’t need all that stuff in your toiletry bag. No, really, you look fine. Traveling light requires travelers to focus on only the essential elements to enjoy a new place, and the pleasure of having... Read more
Timberland Alton 30-Liter Backpack
The Timberland Alton 30-Liter Backpack measures in at 20 by 11.5 by 7.5 inches, weighs less than 2 pounds, and the shell/lining are made from a polyester that is water resistant (more on that in a moment). This compact, lightweight, and durable pack employs a large bucket opening for the... Read more
Darn Tough Socks: The Sock for Smart Travelers!
There is nothing quite like having good socks, I mean REALLY good socks, especially when traveling. What is one thing most people do a lot of when they travel? They walk… they walk A LOT. Having a pair or two of really good shoes is an obvious must for travel.... Read more
Trinity Audio Hyperion Earbuds

The Trinity Hyperion headphones provide exceptional sound at a fair price

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Spyder PowerShadow Battery Case

The Spyder PowerShadow fits the mold perfectly with an extremely thin and lightweight case that still provides a safe, impact-resistant housing for an expensive iPhone 6.

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Lighted Getaway Toiletry Bag From Grand Trunk
Take the frequent traveler favorite, the hanging toiletry kit, then make one little change that has a huge impact. That’s the story with this new Getaway toiletry bag with a built-in light and mirror from Grand Trunk. We can argue all day about what’s essential and what’s not when... Read more
LAT_56 High Performance Holdall Carry-on Bag

The LAT_56 High performance Holdall Carry-on Bag features a soft side that can hold a lot and fit beneath the seat in front of you or in between other bags in the overhead bin.

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Human Charger to fight jet lag

Human Charger works via a special headset that emits bright lights and becomes another component in your standard jet lag treatment regime.

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Serengeti Lipari Sunglasses are Lightweight and Elegant
Giant sunglasses that take up half your face might be a good bet if you’re a celebrity trying to stay incognito, but if you’re driving down a sunny highway or carrying a pair of sunglasses in your shirt or jacket pocket, you probably don’t want something twice as big... Read more
Stylish Chaos Summit Breeze Sun Hat for Women
Let’s face it: most of the sun hats made for travelers are more about function than fashion. They’re meant to protect you from the elements, be washable, and stay in your possession. Anything beyond that is “nice to have” but not essential. Some travelers aren’t content with this though... Read more