White Sierra fall travel clothing
It can be hard to find travel clothing that transitions well from summer to fall, and who wants to buy a new wardrobe for every season? White Sierra, a brand I’ve always appreciated for their affordability, has done a good job with their skirts and pants this year, with... Read more
Eddie Bauer Resolution T-Shirt and Daisy Wrap
Performance clothing is all about allowing body movement without binding, keeping you dry, and even minimizing odor. With all that work to do, it’s not always easy for performance gear to look stylish enough to cross over into non-performance travel moments, like when you’re visiting a museum, wandering... Read more
ExOfficio Kukura Skort
Here’s the thing about skorts: They’re the perfect blend of skirt and short that allow you to go about your big, crazy adventures. Skirts may be good for some things, but unless you’re into exhibitionism, they’re not optimal gear for many sports. So, add shorts, and you’re good. And... Read more
Craghoppers NosiLife Tafari Jersey Skirt
Travel skirts have come a long way. They used to be either short and skin-tight or long and granny style, and while either can work fine (depending on where you are)—they are sometimes limiting. Now, we can choose between a variety of travel skirts, some of which are even... Read more
Summer Aventura Clothing Accessories for Women
I love Aventura Clothing because it’s always practical while remaining stylish. This summer, Aventura has multiple new pieces perfect for travel, but beyond their new headliners are the clothing accessories that complete the outfit, all of which pair well for easy mixing and matching from your suitcase. Add a... Read more
Super.Natural Training Pant and Sleeveless V-Neck Tee
For almost any trip, I pack clothes for exercise. Since they take up significant room, I always prefer exercise clothes that can double as casual wear or travel day wear. Super.natural, a relative newcomer to the US market, wins on both scores. Their items are high quality Merino wool,... Read more
Lorpen Trail and Hiking Socks for Women
No matter how much I hike–and I hike a lot–I am plagued with blisters on my heels, in part because I’m often trying out new hiking boots for review. I’ve learned to do two things: 1. always have a blister kit with moleskin at the ready, and 2. invest... Read more
ExOfficio Gazella Pant
Outdoor clothing for women that gets great marks for style as well as performance used to be fairly nonexistent, or at the most, few and far between. In the past couple years, however, I’m seeing more and more items that fit well (and were designed specifically for women instead... Read more
ExOfficio Airhart and Camina Trek’r Shirts
I have quite a few outdoor technical shirts in my closet, but when it comes to adventure-wear that can double as multi-use travel wear, it’s hard to beat ExOfficio. This brand is a solid bet for high-quality, practical, comfortable clothing that will take you from travel day to outdoor... Read more
Baliloca Cross-Body Purse
So, what exactly is a Baliloca purse? Just another anti-theft bag? Not quite. A money belt? Nope. A fashion accessory? Much more. Sitting down to this review, it’s actually hard for me to classify it, because it’s essentially a travel-friendly purse that does all of the above, but with flair... Read more