Stylish Chaos Summit Breeze Sun Hat for Women
Let’s face it: most of the sun hats made for travelers are more about function than fashion. They’re meant to protect you from the elements, be washable, and stay in your possession. Anything beyond that is “nice to have” but not essential. Some travelers aren’t content with this though... Read more
Tilley Two-Tone TRH4 Sun Hat
Have you ever played “count the khaki” when you’ve been in (or checked out) a crowd of travelers on an adventure tour? Especially when it comes to sun hats, you’ll usually need more than 10 fingers. Enter the Two-Tone Hat from Tilley made from a blend of three fabrics.... Read more
Tilley Mash-Up Hat
I’m a reformed sun worshipper. After spending way too many hours in the direct sun, I’ve finally learned to care for my skin while enjoying the outdoors. Side note: I’m well into my 30s and should know better. But if a sun-oholic like me can not only get used... Read more
Sunday Afternoons Sun Protection Clothing for Kids
Sunday Afternoons makes affordable, high-quality sun protection clothing for kids and adults. They’re based near my hometown in Oregon, but trust me, Sunday Afternoons knows how to block bright sunshine. We took both a child’s hat and tee along for a Southern California desert camping trip through Death Valley... Read more
Canyon Sun Hiker Travel Hat From Mountain Hardwear
Are you taking your pasty white skin somewhere bright and sunny anytime soon? Are you hiking in the mountains in thinner air? You’re probably going to need some sun protection on your sweaty head and this Mountain Hardwear Canyon Sun Hiker is a great choice. I don’t normally start... Read more
5 Things I Always Pack – David Lee of GoBackpacking
David Lee is a the founder of two popular travel blogs, Go Backpacking and Medellin Living. He considers himself a minimalist, and when not on the move is based in Medellin, Colombia. So Dave, what do you always pack? In 2013, I challenged myself to begin traveling ultralight, with... Read more
Winter Travel Hats for When You’re Over 25
   For traveling to places with frigid temperatures. a Tilley hat will keep your head warm without making you look like a dork. Or a hoodlum. Or someone trying to pretend they’re still in college. Eventually you reach a point in life where you want to wear nice things... Read more
Tilley TM10 Cotton Duck Hat
Sometimes outdoor excursions require a bit more than a baseball cap. I may have my favorite, acquired in Jackson Hole (complete with moose patch), but when it comes to an ideal shade hat that keeps my head cool, I turn to the Tilley TM10. Made from a cotton duck... Read more
Tilley Mash-up Airflow Hat Uses Cast-off Materials (& Looks Great)
Taking the best elements of their popular Airflo hat and using recycled fibers to mix up the look, this Tilley TMH5 Mash-up Hat stands out from the sea of other sun hats you’ll see in your travels. We’re big fans of the Tilley brand here, joining half the traveling... Read more
Spring Beanies from Chaos Hats
I think it’s fitting that as I write this review, I’m sitting on the balcony of a ski condo in Squaw Valley, CA, with my feet up after a warm spring-skiing day. On my head is a knit Chaos beanie  which is doing double-duty keeping the spring sun at... Read more