White Sierra fall travel clothing
It can be hard to find travel clothing that transitions well from summer to fall, and who wants to buy a new wardrobe for every season? White Sierra, a brand I’ve always appreciated for their affordability, has done a good job with their skirts and pants this year, with... Read more
Darn Tough Socks: The Sock for Smart Travelers!
There is nothing quite like having good socks, I mean REALLY good socks, especially when traveling. What is one thing most people do a lot of when they travel? They walk… they walk A LOT. Having a pair or two of really good shoes is an obvious must for travel.... Read more
Outdoor Research Aspire Pant and Kayak Gear Accessories
A few weeks ago, I wrote about three products that helped us out while backpacking the Pacific Crest Trail. This week, I’m back with some products that we loved using during a multi-day sea kayaking trip in Washington state. Like with backpacking, there’s not a lot of extra room... Read more
Eddie Bauer Resolution T-Shirt and Daisy Wrap
Performance clothing is all about allowing body movement without binding, keeping you dry, and even minimizing odor. With all that work to do, it’s not always easy for performance gear to look stylish enough to cross over into non-performance travel moments, like when you’re visiting a museum, wandering... Read more
Acoustic and Utilize Shorts From Nau
If you want shorts that are well made and look great in multiple situations, you can count on Nau to deliver. These synthetic Acoustic ones and the organic cotton Utilize ones are worth packing for your next warm weather adventure. We review a lot of travel pants on this... Read more
ExOfficio Kukura Skort
Here’s the thing about skorts: They’re the perfect blend of skirt and short that allow you to go about your big, crazy adventures. Skirts may be good for some things, but unless you’re into exhibitionism, they’re not optimal gear for many sports. So, add shorts, and you’re good. And... Read more
Revamped Treksta Kobra Shoes With BOA Lacing System
Once you go BOA, you’ll never go back. Well, you may wish you could never go back anyway, that you could wave a magic wand and all your shoes would have the BOA closure system like these Treksta Kobra shoes do. Nothing to tie, retie, and bend over to... Read more
Stylish Chaos Summit Breeze Sun Hat for Women
Let’s face it: most of the sun hats made for travelers are more about function than fashion. They’re meant to protect you from the elements, be washable, and stay in your possession. Anything beyond that is “nice to have” but not essential. Some travelers aren’t content with this though... Read more
Vulc N Vent Casual Shoes From Columbia Sportwear
Consider this one a remixed classic. Columbia took the traditional vulcanized shoe design that’s been around for decades via the likes of Vans and PF Flyers and put a whole new spin on it. Unlike those traditional shoes that can leave the soles of your feet hot and sweaty,... Read more
Techspresso Travel Polo Shirt From Exofficio
A polo shirt can be a great staple for warm weather travel wardrobes and this Exofficio Techspresso polo has a lot of features to make it one of the best ones you can buy. It’s a rare trip I take when there’s not at least one shirt like this... Read more